Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)

Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)
E.F. Tapes
Envious Foreigners #206
Edition of 100

Noise Bands showing their American pride with their unique takes on the “Star Spangled Banner”.
Features: Plack Blague, Breakdancing Ronald Regan, Actuary, Solypsis, Rotten Piece, Dental Work, Repulsar, Panicsville, Newton, Cock E.S.P. & RU-486, Disthroned Agony, Cyrus Pireh, Deepgrave Min Og Dog, Centipedefarmer, Arvo Zylo, Mole Hole, Animal Steel

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The Dark Knight Rises (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

In November 2011, Hans Zimmer crowdsourced online audio recordings of a chant to be used in the film’s score. Thousands of people from 107 different countries followed and recorded their chant on

I contributed a few times myself on several computers at various libraries across the Delaware Valley

The original soundtrack will be released on July 17, 2012.

See the official trailer featuring a preliminary version of the chant, a mix of the voices of thousands of early UJAM contributors:

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Cock E.S.P. “Taking Meds to Make Music to Take Meds To” CS (5)

Label E.F. Tapes
Catalog # Engineered Forebrain #202
Format CS (5)
Country USA
Released Febuary, 2012
Credits All Music – Emil Hagstrom
Vocals -  Matt Bacon, Scott Burns, Naomi Elizabeth, Paige Flash, Julia Gilman, Eric Hofferber, Lesile Keffer, C Lavender, Val Martino, Andy Ortmann, Elyse Perez, Mat Rademan, RAWS, Nicole Rode, John Vance, Jason Wade
Edition of 70
Packaging / Insert

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International Noise Conference 2012


FEBRUARY  8th Wed – 9th Thu – 10th Fri – 11th Sat

5501 NE 2nd AVE

this event is Free / No Cover for all 4 nights

>>> over 100 hundred artist will perform 15 minutes or less <<<

Pre INC shows
2 FEB – JACKSONVILLE Curator Jamison Williams
3 FEB – ATLANTACurators Graham Moore & Pony Payroll Bones
5 FEB – St PETERSBURG Curator Jesse Vance
6 FEB – ORLANDO  Curator Dan Reaves
7 FEB – GAINESVILLE Curator Ironing
Post INC show
12 FEB – FORT MEYERS 4p Curator Josh Boutwell
12 FEB – TAMPA  Curator Todd Lynn

Wednesday February 8th 2012 9p > 3a
Kitten Control (Miami)
– 90′s Teen (Miami)
– DJ Fucked up!/pages/DJ-Fucked-UP/282137318503696 (Hotown)
– Snakehole (Miami)
– This Heart Electric (Miami)
– Dino Felipe (Miami)
– Luma Junger (Miami)
– Slashpine (Miami)
Sharlyn Evertsz (Miami)
– Jackie Ransom (Miami)
– Jonathan Handcock
(Cincinnati OH)

– Clifton Childree (Miami)

– GG Mozart (Miami)

Thursday February 9th 2012 9p > 3a
– Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach)
– Metasplice
– Clang Quartet (Stokesdale NC)
– Dick Neff
– Holly Hunt (Miami)
– Pure(Pennsylvania)
– The Uh (St Petersburg FL)
– Thee Heidlecrumbs (Clearwater – Polk City  FL)
– Ballscarf
– Otto Von Shirach + Mr Feathers + Alligator Jesus (Miami)
– Ha Ha Help (Miami)
– Xela Zaid + Eric Lopez + Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach)
– Amanda Green & Luciano Guidini (Miami)
– Dot Dot Dot Orchestra (Fort Lauderdale)
– Low level Lazer Radiation (West Palm Beach)
Jesse Vance  (St Petersburg)
– Microwave Windows (Miami-SF)
– Jamison Williams + Dan Hosker + Steve Bristol FL)
– Chrome Dick (Miami)
– Viking Funeral (Miami)
– McCord(Philadelphia)
– Blastronics (Miami)

Roofless (Back Patio)

Friday February 10th 2012 Curator Todd Lynne   7p > 3a

– Raphael  (Carrboro)
– Vico (Tampa)
– Night Trap (Tampa)
– Lamb Skin  (Philadelphia)
– Grid Work  (Baltimore)
– Outmode  (Tampa)
– crAow  (Tampa)
– Coca Leaf  (Gainesville)
– S2K  (Tampa)
– LACK  (Carrboro)
– Gag Reactor  (Tampa)
– Mindless Attack (Philadelphia)
– No Milk  (Tampa)
– Cop City  (West Palm Beach)
– Oubliette  (Clyo)
– Father Finger  (Tampa)
– Panzram  (Fort Myers)
– Russian Tsarlag  (Tampa)
– Merchandise  (Tampa)
– SSLOT  (Orlando)
– Diamond Hymen  (Tampa)
– Cerrection Collection (Tampa)
– Viszk  (Corrboro)
– Bright Orange  (Tampa)
– Evening People  (Lakeland)
– Kirk Fogg  (Tampa)
– Haves&Thirds  (Tampa)

Xela Zaid Open mic (Back Patio)

Saturday February 11th 2012  5p > 3a
-Cock E.S.P. (Minneapolis MN)
– Newton
– Unicorn Hard-on (Nashville TN)
– Leslie Keffer (Nashville TN)
– Sharkiface (Oakland CA)
– Kenny Millions (Hollywood FL)
Human Beast (Providence RI)
– This is My Condition (Lawrence KS)
– Licker (Rochester NY)
– Gay Bomb (Washington DC)
– Collection of the Late Howell Bend (Raleigh NC)
– SHV (Providence RI)
– Curse (Baltimore)
– Radio Shock (New York City)
– All Girl Chorus Line (Nashville TN)
-Dental Work
(Traverse City MI)
– Loop Retard (Madison WI)
-Venison Whirled (Austin TX)
– Douglas Ferguson (Austin TX)
– Pony Payroll Bones (Atlanta GA)
-George Myers (Northampton MA)
– Silvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia (Catania Italy)
– Tippi Tillvind Sweden)
– Os Ovni
(Jacksonville FL)
– Yellow Crystal Star (Baltimore MD)
-John Vance (Minneapolis MN)
Iovae (Cincinnati OH)
– Drums Like Machine Guns
– Aether Jag (Nashville TN)
– John Mannion (New York City)
– Inner Fare (Philadelphia)
-Profligate (Philadelphia)
Tusco Terror (Cleveland OH)
– Baylies Band (New Bedford MA)
-C. Lavender (New Brunswick NJ)
– Ironing (Gainesville FL)
Names Divine (North Dakota)
-Cans (Orlando)
Toe Ring
(New York City)
Contortionist Jazz Exotica
(Austin TX)
Blue Shift
– Jiblit Dupree (Polk City  FL)
– Hobbledeions (Nashville)
– Secret Boyfriend  (Raleigh NC)
– Twilight Memories of the Three Suns (Washington DC)
– Suicide Magnets (Philadelphia)

Buoyant Sea (New Orleans)
– Now’s (Atlanta GA)
– Yohimbe (Raleigh NC)

The Weirds N.O.W @ I.N.C. (Back Patio)

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