Desiccant “Silica Gel demo” Cassette

Silica Gel demo cover
DesiccantSilica Gel demo

Desiccant is a newly formed duo featuring Andy Borsz of Slasher Risk & Mat Rademan aka Newton. You know them both. On their own they each have found a unique place in the North American Underground Experimental/Freak/Noise/Weirdo scene since the late 1990s/early 2000s. Now they join forces as Desiccant, creating the sort of grimy output only possible from decades of dropping earplugs in beer and sweat-soaked basements. Weaving a bleak tapestry with samplers, tape loops, synthesizes, and rubbish, Desiccant aims to guide listeners through a wasteland of music concrete and harsh noise into a dramatic and engulfing New American drone. It’s the deliberate and aged sound of failed relationships, putting the family pet to sleep, and holding the hand of a sick loved one. This is your soundtrack for dying in a desert and not caring.

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Newton “Can I Borrow A Feeling?”

NewtonCan I Borrow A Feeling?
Bonescraper Recordings

60 minute sound collage created by Newton (Mat Rademan of Breathmint). Not known for performing longer than fifteen minutes at a time. Newton demonstrates a solid long form technique blending field recordings into harsh cut up textures throughout the two thirty minute sides. – Jeff Hartford (Noise Nomads, Bonescraper Recordings)

Can I borrow a feeling2

Can I borrow a feeling3

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Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)

Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)
E.F. Tapes
Envious Foreigners #206
Edition of 100

Noise Bands showing their American pride with their unique takes on the “Star Spangled Banner”.
Features: Plack Blague, Breakdancing Ronald Regan, Actuary, Solypsis, Rotten Piece, Dental Work, Repulsar, Panicsville, Newton, Cock E.S.P. & RU-486, Disthroned Agony, Cyrus Pireh, Deepgrave Min Og Dog, Centipedefarmer, Arvo Zylo, Mole Hole, Animal Steel

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