Various Artists “re-c-c”

Various Artistsre-c-c

After c-c released his first album (“Muse Ick Fact Or Y“) in 2007 a few unsolicited remixes trickled in, which started this snowball rolling. The result is a collection of 36 remixes/reworkings/reinterpretations by artists from a wide variety of mostly electronic genres of c-c’s hamfistedly recontextualized & regurgitated sounds, essentially remixes of remixes. What was broken has now been pieced together in to new forms — some fixed, some further broken, the sum of the new versions eclipsing the source. This collection of remixes works as a diverse & fascinating compilation in its own right, the common source material often a loose thread that disappears from audibility altogether.

Features remixes by The Viirus, Dim Past, Undulations Marcel, Hifi Envelope, Chefkirk, Johan Ess, jde, Christopher Byler, DJ Deadfinger, SatisHouse, Local Duo, 3P1L3PT1C F1T, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Ghost Fields, Tom Smith, Big Whatever, Travis Johnson, Textual, Adikt, Kragle, Rauh, Oddknock, Luminous In Nummer, Cult Cosmos, Black Stabbath, Newton, Isabelle Gunn, Frog, DJ SKA, Jody Luna, Xingu, AG Davis, Bánh Mì Soundsystem, p.sparrow, & c-c.

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Micro-Show #13: Miami Micro-Show II

Roofless Records, Breathmint, ZRadio
in conjunction with Augurari and Charest-Weinberg
proudly present

Jackie Ransom
Kenny Millions
Luma Junger
Clifton Childree
H8weed with Andy Coughman
The President
Curious Hair
Jhovanny Ordonez
Meddling Kids
ah um
Dead Beat Dad
Dog Pop Drop
Jellyfish Bros
Pocket of Lollipops
Sharlyn Evertsz
Dim Past

@ General Practice – Miami, FL

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Micro-Show #10: Miami


Roofless records presents:

Micro-show #10: Miami

Rat Bastard
Cherry Impact
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn
Chrome Dick
Self & Other
Dim Past
This Heart Electric
Xela Zaid
Theda G. Redd
Nag’s Head

15 bands in 15 minutes

the end/spring break @ Little River Yacht Club
Miami, FL

more info:

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