Minimalism & Juxtaposition

Various Artists “Minimalism & Juxtaposition”
Rainbow Bridge

This is a compilation of minimal tracks submitted by nearly 50 different experimental artists from around the globe. These 2 to 5-layer tracks were mixed, matched and layered by Justin Marc Lloyd. Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.

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Savage Weekend 2012

Hot Releases presents

May 18, 2012 May 19, 2012
Zack Kouns
Knight Howls
The Body
Isabel Gunn
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
Son Of Salami
Tooth Ache
Blue Shift
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed
Father Finger
Lamb Skin
Dirty Mouth
Toe Ring
Cave Bears
Cantwell Gomez & Jordan
Electric Cactus
Pony Bones
Focus Group
Body Double
Hem Of His Garment
Cornelius F Von Straffin III
Spare Child
Complaint Band
Matt Parsons
Marcel Du Swamp
Contortionist Jazz Exotica
Rat Bastard
Vehement Caress
Wolf Anus
Meager Sunlight
Faster Detail
Andrea Pensado
Pedestrain Deposit
The Waitress
Hunnie Bunnies
Ironing & Projexorcism
Wall Wymyn
Aether Jag
Slasher Risk
Diamond Hymen
Jimmy Sanchez And His Crystal Balls
MicrocephalicI Superintendent
Suicide Magnets
Sagan Youth Boys
Radio Shock
Hypnic Jerk

@ Nightlight – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Micro-Show #13: Miami Micro-Show II

Roofless Records, Breathmint, ZRadio
in conjunction with Augurari and Charest-Weinberg
proudly present

Jackie Ransom
Kenny Millions
Luma Junger
Clifton Childree
H8weed with Andy Coughman
The President
Curious Hair
Jhovanny Ordonez
Meddling Kids
ah um
Dead Beat Dad
Dog Pop Drop
Jellyfish Bros
Pocket of Lollipops
Sharlyn Evertsz
Dim Past

@ General Practice – Miami, FL

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FUN – My Castle of Quiet session remixes


Inasmuch as they bring the spirit of lighthearted enjoyment to their renderings in the avant-garde, the members of FUN are not jokers, nor are they schlemiels or shlamazels. Exhibit B in this particular case, these remixes of source material from their original My Castle of Quiet session of 15th December, 2010. I thought immediately that this was a great idea, and I wish I’d thought of it myself, but no, ’twas the FUN boys and a few of their colleagues in the noise universe that rendered these re-imaginings, which, depending on one’s perspective and/or mood of the moment, can prove more entertaining even than the original sets themselves.

Think of FUN as an urban-American brothers Rupenus, where everything—especially one’s own work—becomes cut-up fodder to be dealt with accordingly. And, in the spirit of the remix (as we all originally became acquainted with that term and process), several of these tracks have a beat, and goddamn if you can’t dance to it.

For example, “Untitled (Unicorn Hard-on Remix)” is a glorious recall of NDW pop rhythms, while “We Gonna Fun You (Ironing remix)” is dancehall with a peg-leg. “Untitled (Tom Smith remix),” starting at about the 9-minute mark, is straight-up house music, metallurgist-style, the beat supplied by a harnessed and regimented fragment of tonal buzz. So, for those of you who “hate noise” (and are still reading this post), these FUN remixes may be just the thing to bridge your gap.

The other tracks cover perhaps more expected territory, but are no less engaging, and more than foot the bill of being revisitations of the original source session. Being able to ponder such a wealth of alternate camera angles upon one’s own creations gives away that FUN are indeed having fun, but not merely fun—there’s real artistry at work here.

Wm. M. Berger

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