Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. Shockrockumentary Miniseries Trailer

Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. | East Coast / Midwest North America Tour February 2013

Also Featuring:
Ben Hersey / Anthro Rex, Big Mouth Billy Bass, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Embarker & Newton, Horaflora, Ironing, Jeff Rehnlund, Jiblit Dupree, Jill Burton, Lazy Magnet, Michael Collins, Rat Bastard, Secret Boyfriend, Solace Media Corporation, Sylvester Alone, Timeghost, Tracey Trance

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Newton “PPlays Lazzzy MaMag” CDr

NewtonPPlays Lazzzy MaMag

Produced January 2013 using random selections from Lazy Magnet’s massive 19 year body of recorded work & live recordings as source material.

Originally released in physical form as a CDr in an edition of 19 by Breathmint

For the best listening experience please play on shuffle.

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