Newton – Live Performance @ Ear Meal Webcast

Although Ear Meal Webcast officially ended the evening of March 30, 2016, Matt Purse and Leah Purse requested we add Newton from Philly who happened to be in town. The studio had already been re-configured for a project I am working on so we had Newton perform in my Butterfly Sanctuary, which ended up being perfect.Alan Nakagawa

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Various Artists “Cut Up America”

Cut Up America
Various ArtistsCut Up America
Factotum Tapes
3xc60 in poly bag with zine, download code, stickers, and scissors.

Tracks by: Sickness, To Live and Shave in L.A., Xome, Newton, PCRV, Jay Howard, Ahlzagailzehguh, Jay Randall, Tralphaz, T.E.F., Crank Sturgeon, Mania, Sissy Spacek, Collapsed Arc, Existence in Decline, Bacillus, aodl, Wrong Hole, Developer, Aunt’s Analog, Ryan Jewell, Hostage Pageant, Constrain, Sean Seaton, Tinnitustimulus, Breakdancing Ronald Regan, id m theft able, Boar, Flesh Trade, Torschlusspanik, Human Fluid Rot, Fletcher Pratt, Jeff Carey, J. Soliday, Deterge, JRV, (a) sex, Greg Gorlen, Steve Flato, uvovu, Breaking the Will, Thirteen Fingers, Mass Comm, Peasant, Genital Stigmata, Whoracle of Delco


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Sonic Spring Noise Festival

Sonic Spring Noise Festival 2016

Jared Burak
Narwhalz of Sound
Forced into Femininity
Radio Shock
Clang Quartet
Moor Mother Goddess
Stone garden jam temple
Richard ripper
Kaontrol Kontraos / sweet sound of chaos
Lead Pipe
Sad Hana
Zack Kouns
Heavy Medical
Forest Kingdom
Nate Schieble / Ian McColm
Matt Luczak
Drums Like Machine Guns
Pony Moon
star daddy Dixie
prayer circles
Cable 54
Extended release
New Age Realty
Violent omega
J. Galleo

@ Girard Hall – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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