Rainbow Bridge III – Piece Festival

Rainbow Bridge III – Piece Festival is: many individuals, performing as themselves in surprise three-piece units. these units, aka collaborations, were designed just before the show starts, randomly.

Chris Videll + Sam + Newton
Jonathan Lee + Richard Kamerman + Lucas
Andy Livingston + Neil Gravender + Kait Prochazka
Chethan Kenkermath + Jes Cross + Matt Boettke
Peter J Woods + Billy + Craig Hodgkins
Justin Marc Lloyd + ? + Christopher Feltner

@ Amma House – Alexandria, Virginia

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Minimalism & Juxtaposition

Various Artists “Minimalism & Juxtaposition”
Rainbow Bridge

This is a compilation of minimal tracks submitted by nearly 50 different experimental artists from around the globe. These 2 to 5-layer tracks were mixed, matched and layered by Justin Marc Lloyd. Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.

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