Various Artists “Three Eleven”

Various ArtistsThree Eleven
Mabson Enterprises

A collection of covers, remixes, and interpretations of songs by 311 released on 3/11/15, 3:11am. This compilation was collected via social media by Kyle Mabson.

Tracks by: 18+, 311 Calls Guitar Center, Adam Kadabra featuring Big Daddy Ghost, Bindle Boys, Brown Swarm, Bubblegum Octopus, Chaki, d. gookin & cole blooded, Damien Blaise, Darc Meriso, David Estrin, Dirty Preston feat. Snoop Dogg Skrillex and Korn, dj mdmHEY, dj Skull Vomit, future hunter i.p.a., Geoff Geis featuring error0x0000034, GNARVANA vs Mammers311, Hot Whale, I.E., Illuminati Sex Party, J-Dawg, J. Dendê, James Bong, Jerry Garcia’s Ghost, LiL PDF, Mailer Daemon, Matthew Teardrop, Mom Jeans featuring Yoko Ono, Newton, Nick Vexum, p.sparrow, ParallaxScroll, Poingly, Rich Seymour, Riddler Smoke, SatisHouse, Schizoid, Sean Carnage, Sich Mang, Simo Soo, Sperm Snake, sqrl, Sxorpia, Tabor Mountain, The Cure, THPS2botjf, Three One One, Treasure Mammal, Who is Jackie Sheets, WolfAnimalTV, Zombelle

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Various Artists “We Can’t Stop”

Various Artists We Can't Stop Cover
Various ArtistsWe Can’t Stop
Mabson Enterprises

This album was collected through social media. Everyone was asked to cover/remix/mangle/put their own spin on Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop

Tracks by: 333 Boyzm, ALL ANAL, Beta Romeo, Big Whatever / All Capital, Bubblegum Octopus, Capital Cities, COPS, Dan Deacon, Dawn of Sequins featuring Sarah Cisco, Dirty Preston, dj mdmHEY, dj Skull Vomit, DJ Turn It Up Up Up Up Up Up, Dunce Party, Extreme Animals, Geoff Geis, IE, Josh Savin, McZee, Murphy TheLaw, New Canada, Newton, Party Trash, Peter Moran, Poingly, SICH MANG, Signals, Sperm Snake, Spirit Spine, Suicide Magnets, Sweeet Raxxx, Ted Stevens (R-DJ), The Blimp Only Lasted 10 Minutes, tik///tik, Treasure Mammal, Velma and the Happy Campers, whisperkid

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