Newton – Live Performance @ Savage Weekend IV

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The Final Chapter? A New Beginning?

May 16, 2014 May 17, 2014
Attitude Problem (USA)
Archaeli (NC)
Sabrina (NC)
Faster Detail (NC)
Lazer Slut (TN)
Dromez (TX)
Sunk Heaven (RI)
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed (RI)
Hunnie Bunnies (PA)
Newton (PA)
Some Pepper (PA)
Aether Jag (TN)
Jeff Zagers (GA)
Jeremy Harris (NC)
Roomdance (SC)
Housefire (NC)
Flex1000 (MD)
Hatchers (PA)
Imitator (PA)
Plank Ewing (SC)
Lambskin (NC)
Andy Borsz (NY)
Pony Payroll Bones (PA)
Sects (RI)
Miguel Alvarino (NY)
Spongebath (NC)
Divine Movies (NC)
The Terry H. Garrish Jazz Ensemble (NC)
Daughters Goggles (NC)
Headcase (CA)
Viszk (NC)
Cornelius F Von Straffin III (NC)
Contortionist Jazz Exotica (VA)
Solid State Entity (MA)
Spiritual Recess (RI)
Tinnitustimulus (NY)
Yohimbe (NC)
T Func (FL)
Rick Weaver (TN)
Pure Matrix (NY)
Unicorn Hard-On (RI)
Dawn Raid (RI)
Valise (RI)
I_Like_Dog_Face w/ Swamp Hag (FL)
Haves & Thirds (FL)
Tooth Ache (VT)
V Manuscript (RI)
Appetite (NY)
Nick Klein (NY)
Ironing (FL)
Plus Whatever (CA)
Ryan Jewell (OH)
Larva Lu (MO)
Blue Shift (RI)
Radio Shock (NY)
Charmaines Names (PA)
Clang Quartet (NC)
Suicide Magnets (RI)
Radiator Greys (DC)
Lafemme Natale (NY)
Soft Target (RI)
Dave Public (RI)
Le Trash Can (CAN)
Profligate (NC)
Sagan Youth (NC)
Huff Daddy (MA)
Los Greys (MA)
Jeff Rehnlund (NC)
Piper Harrow (KS)
13 Fingers / Flippin Idiots (NC)
Fish Wife (FL)
Secret Boyfriend (NC)

@ Nightlight – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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T Func / Plus Whatever “Purge Once More” split cassette

T Func / Plus Whatever “Purge Once More”
Cephias Treat
split cassette

Not much can be said about T Func that hasn’t been said already. Remember how back in the old’n days geniuses would be berated, belittled, and persecuted by those who didn’t know any better? A T Func set is a lot like that but now he’s hitting the airwaves.

Crawling on the flip is Plus Whatever, a pair of sisters who chipped their teeth in nearby Orlando for a little while, honing their congenital choreography. Now they are offering you to face the challenge of creating your own routine, be it exercise or exorcism.

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Halloween Tampa

Masquerave II
Halloween Masquerade Bachelor/ette Ball

Norse Shit Band
Haves & Thirds
Triangle and Rhino
Hell Garbage

@ Cottage $leaze – Tampa, Florida

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