International Noise Conference USA Tour 2013: Philadelphia


Rat Bastard‘s touring noise circus returns to Philadelphia.

15 minutes or less per act

Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach, Florida)
Galway (Melbourne, Australia)
Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach, Florida + Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Terco Wrecker (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Embarker & Brian Osborne (Brooklyn, New York)
McCord (Brooklyn, New York)
500mg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Ruined (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Are We Soaking Wet? (Wilmington, Delaware)
Kohoutek (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Sexual Assault Rifle (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Ian Fraser & Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Burak + Tinnitustimulus (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Foot and Mouth Disease (Rochester, New York)
Savage Relatives (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Mad Lord Acid Arm (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Colin Helb (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Return of the Wolf (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Pony Payroll Bones (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Forest Kingdom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Cosby, Styles, Slash, and Chung (Lansdale, Pennsylvania)
Some Pepper (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

+ DJ Newtronix

recording and live broadcast by ZRadio

@ Pageant: Soloveev – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Phi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phi groups / times:
:00 – Eloe Omoe
:06 - Doersam
:12 – Pengo
:18 - Ovo
:24 - Asthmatic
:30 –
:36 - U can unlearn guitar
:42 - Ortho
:48 - Newton
:54 – Laundryroom Squelchers

full set opening acts :
Temple of Bon Matin

@ Dotdash Records – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PHI-PHENOMENA is an annual festival featuring 10 bands performing in one hour, each playing a
5-minute set with 1-minute breaks in between. The festival was held in New York in 1996 and
1998, Boston in 1997, Minneapolis in 1999, Los Angeles in 2000, and Miami in 2001.  The style
of music performed at these festivals has included noise, free jazz, indie pop, electronica
and no wave.

PHI-PHENOMENA ON WHEELS marks the first effort to take this festival on the road.  Approximately
10 bands will travel from city to city in a RV from September 6-17, 2001, some groups were drawn from
the local scenes of each city. a few bands did full-length sets as opening acts, then followed by 10 bands in an
hour afterwards.
RV:15 passengers

Kyle Lapidus(ortho)
Clay Lacefield (ortho)
Nouri Zander(ortho)
Finkbeiner(pengo / finkbeiner)
Joe Tunis(pengo)
John Schoen(pengo / finkbeiner)
Dan Hosker(doersam)
Andy Alper(u can unlearn guitar)
Rene(lrs / olivia neutron bomb)
Alex(lrs / xela zaid)
Tanya Bezreh(

(RV is 29ft class C – trip 2972 miles)

CAR 1 – Eloe Omeo (Tim & Samantha)
CAR 2 – Unconditional Loathing (Greg & Matt & Paul & Jerry & Matt)
CAR 3 – Dixie Prix / LRS (Gerard K & Tom G & Paige & Jeff R)
CAR 4 – Temple of Bon Matin (Ed Wilcox & Leslie Q)
CAR 5 – Lotus ( Newton, Keith, Abbie, Andrew Gaspar)

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