The Museum Of Microcassette Art: Dubb Normal “Mixt Ape”


Dubb NormalMixt Ape
The Museum Of Microcassette Art

some new recordings and some going back to the late 80’s

Sounds Include:
Unborn Baby Heart Beat
Windshield Wipers
God Tussi Great Ho
Vacuum On EMAC
and Interview Quest!

Some people featured:
Christy Brown
Janet Flora
Heather Rice is all like “who the fuck is Jenny Jones!?”
Ron Hicks “that’s a serious question”..
Lindsay Smith
Newton doing a live Microcassettor commercial
Rachel Victoria getting so violated, confused, talkative, & nervous…
art by Abbey Lee Sarver

I am pleased and proud to announce the MOMA album by Dubb Normal – aka Justin Waters of Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the people who inspired me to pursue microcassette audio art. His Microcassettor project in the first decade of the 2000s was a crucial introduction to the MAD WORLD of microcassette art and noise!
– Hal McGee

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The Museum Of Microcassette Art: Andrew Chadwick “Micromysteries”

Andrew ChadwickMicromysteries
The Museum Of Microcassette Art

Recorded non-linearly from August to October 2013 in Gainesville, Cape Canaveral, Viera, and Orlando, Florida, as well as Virginia and West Virginia.
Side A features amidst other things Arkm Foam on banjo in a duet with Jenifer Gelineau on violin followed by the voices of Id M Theft Able, Rat Bastard & Newton and fragments of music selections by DJ Dr. Quinn at the Voice of the Valley V fest from August 16-18, 2013 in Chloe, West Virginia.
Side B features interactions with the YouTube video “Hal McGee and his new dog take their first long walk — Gainesville, Florida” along with many other things.
Rosemarie Romero, Hal McGee and Big Whatever are prominently heard throughout both sides along with many other friends heard less often.
Recorded for Hal McGee’s Museum of Microcassette Art, long may it hiss.
Photographs and all microcassettery by Andrew Chadwick.
Recorded with a Realistic Micro-18 microcassette recorder.

“Chadwick is one of the true masters of microcassette audio art, and on “Micromysteries” he takes it all to a new level, and has created his greatest work yet. Highly intimate and personal (you’re right THERE with Andrew), yet abstract, funny, mundane, and much more, “Micromysteries” is an investigation into the mechanics, the physicality of the microcassette medium itself, as a tool for re-constructing reality via pause button edits of time, fragmented, spliced, diced, rewound and fast forwarded into a microreality that defies linear reality, and explodes notions of past and future into one NOW. I won’t give it all away by describing in advance this smorgasbord of audio delights. This IS the sound of microcassette, and I am now intimately familiar with the unique humming tone of Andrew Chadwick’s microcassette recorder in the spaces between fragments.”

– Hal McGee

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