“The Two Benjis ✌ Remix” Cassette

Two Benji’s
Various ArtistsThe Two Benjis ✌ Remix
Refulgent Sepulchre

Two Benji’s2

pro dubbed
C62 edition of 100
three color hand printed liners, b/w insert

Deep in the mutated heart of the “Fishtown” three strange young men made an attempt to play “normal” rock music. They failed, and in an effort to salvage their vision they began making recordings separately, coming together with those recordings and playing them in what could technically be called music. Years later the world is growing to love this freakish entity known as Form a Log.

Now, for some reason, Refulgent Sepulchre brings you the REMIX of their hit record “The Two Benji’s” (out on vinyl from good friends DECOHERENCE)

A wildly entertaining and bemusing mix of bangers/stumpers the remix embodies the weird spirit of a truly original band.

Form A Log “The Two Benjis ✌ Remix”
Chain Valet (Quicksails Mix)
Landline (LACK Mix)
Sushi Night Club (Sam’s Hand Roll – Samantha Vacation Mix)
Gentle Leader (Homeworld Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (Khaki Blazer Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Ironing Mix)

Hypermodern (Internet Radio Edit – Newton Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (All Tapes are Dogs – Puff Mutt Mix)
Jewel Case (Lord of the Toe Rings Mix)
Diamond Pressure (Probation Mix by Outmode)
Cop Knock (Diamond Pressure Remix)
Jewel Case (Unguent Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Indignant Senility Mix)
Country (Khaki Blazer Mix)

Two Benji’s3

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Delaweird Noise Fest

Delaweird Noise Fest 2013

Dirty Hole
Secret Societies
Pleasure Island
Casual Encounters
Ken Timber
Christopher S. Feltner
Guillermo Pizarro
Boss Battle
Terco Wrecker
Nathan Pasko
Lotus Bazooka
Cloud Destroyer
Feline Triumph
Panzer Division
Thunder Muscle
Child Killer

@ Newark Bike Project – Newark, Delaware

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Raw Meet #11

Raw Meet #11
Sexual Health (PA)
Flux Ambassador (PA)
Uncle Frank (PA)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed (RI)
Egg, Eggs (WMA)
Arian Shaifee (MA)
Newton (PA)
Some Pepper (PA)
Duck That (MA)
Unguent (PA)
Arkm Foam/Tamble/Assayog (MA/AL/FR)
Limbs Bin (WMA)
FOOM (??)
Haygun (MA)
Gay Shapes (MA)
Sophie Dickinson (MA)
Jungle Jim (CA)
Chris Strunk (MA)
Turtle Cat Symphony (MA)
Pancho the Kid (MA)
Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams (ORL/MA/RI)

@ Smokey Bear Cave – Boston, Massachusetts

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