Random Gear Festival 2013

Random Gear Festival #2

The Random Gear Festival is a conceptual celebration of the excitement and spontaniety of avant sound in which performers are randomly assigned an assortment of non-traditional instruments and objects (not necessarily of any musical nature) and expcted to improvise live for a duration of at least five minutes and up to fifteen. The results of this process will likely be varied, confounding, and questionable. Nothing will be proven.

Join us for “signature sound” shattering sets from:

Mindless Attack
Noise Nomads
Russian Tsarlag
Rat Bastard + God Willing
Angela Sawyer
Unicorn Hard-On + Newton
Luke Moldof
Cool Dog + Party Tom
Egg, Eggs
Spiritual Recess
Mark Johnson + Kylie Lance + Dave Public trio
Mario Sisters
Zane Clave
Farewell My Concubine
Andrea Pensado
Smokey Joe w/ Wendy and JP
Brown Recluse Alpha
Adam Morosky + Cordey Lopez

@ Dungeon C – Providence, Rhode Island

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Various Artists “NoW tHaT’s WhAt I cAlL mAbSoN vOlUmE 7″

Various Artists “NoW tHaT’s WhAt I cAlL mAbSoN vOlUmE 7″
Mabson Enterprises

This album was collected through social media. Everyone was asked to cover their favorite top 40 track from January 1st 2013 to April 30th 2013.

Tracks by: $eymour Butt$, 333 Boyz, 4gotten Morb, A.I., Adam Healton & the World Peace Movement, Beta Romeo, Big Whatever, Christopher Danko, Chrome Clouds, Cody Brant and Manny Reyes, Curse, Dirty Preston, dj mdmHEY, DJ Soft Boy, Dustin, Extreme Animals, Geoff Geis featuring Charen Tirza, I.E., Josh Savin, Luna Is Honey, Murphy TheLaw, Newton, Party Trash, Peter Moran, Poingly, RANDM, SatisHouse, Schwarz, Sperm Snake, t0tesrept1l1an featuring Heather, Ted Stevens (R-DJ) featuring Senator Rand Paul, the Suicide Magnets, THEUNDERTAKERVEVO, Torn Humorist, Treasure Mammal, Unicorn Hard-On

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Raw Meet 10

Raw Meet 10

Friday April 26th 2013
Scott Stapp
Hunnie Bunnies
Unicorn Hard-On
Sebastian Slaughter
Father Finger
Time Ghost
Jeff Zagers
Phantom Selector
The Idiots
Painted Faces / Mr. Transylvania
Angela Sawyer
Some Pepper
Jenny Moon Tucker
Arkm Foam
Ben Hersey
Radio Shock
Human Adult Band
Anthro Rex
Friendship Ceremonies
Eggs Eggs
Morgan Evans Weiler
Gay Shapes

Saturday April 27th 2013
Andrea Pensado
Noise Nomads
Diagram A
Vehement Caress
Pony Payroll Bones
Schurt Kwitters
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed
Solace Media Corporation
Id M Theft Able
Suicide Magnets
Bernard Herman
Haunted Food
LN Foster
Dose Rate
Cave Bears
Witch Wolf
John The Baptist 100% Universe
No Mayo

@ Smokey Bear Cave – Boston, Massachusetts

Various Artists “Now That’s What I Call Mabson 2012”

Various Artists “Now That’s What I Call Mabson 2012”
Mabson Enterprises

This is a compilation made of friends covering and remixing their favorite top 40 songs of 2012. Collected all via social media.

Tracks by: Avispado, Poingly, Schwarz ft. Josh Boekesch, clipping., Luna Is Honey, Newton, cleansing, dj mdmHEY, 333 Boyz, Jon Barba, Devil Dudes, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Simo Soo, Large Talons ft. Slice of Pizza, Clark Zero, Geoff Geis featuring Sarah Cisco, Sperm Snake, Noctutnal Emotion, Simo Soo & Marcus Whale, Terror’ish, Trizzer Flannel, Ted Stevens (R-DJ), Elliot Next, 4gotten Morb, IE, Unicorn Hard-On ft. Mandy Sezz, Whqles, tik///tik, Sean Carnage, Adam healton, Radio Shock, Snappy & Floyd, Big Whatever

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North American Noise Camping Blooper Reel

Bromp Treb & Noise Nomads | Voice of the Valley Noise Rally in Pentress, West Virginia – August 2012

Also Featuring:
Humanbeast, Rusty, Beemask, Lexi Mountain Boys, Space Juice, Carly Ptak, Drainolith, C Lavender, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Carlos Giffoni, Newton, Rat Bastard, Tusco Terror, Profilgate, Indignant Senility, Bluddedhead, Terminator 2, Ryan Jewell, DJ Dogdick, Telecult Powers, Unicorn Hard-On, Clang Quartet, Needlegunners, Skin Graft, Jason Lescalleet, & more.

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