Radio Shock “Trapper Keeper” 7″ + bonus remix EP

Radio Shock Trapper Keeper 7
Radio Shock “Trapper Keeper”
Decoherence Records

Radio Shock is the one-man project of M.P. Lockwood, making music that falls somewhere between noise, Now Wave, and DIY electronics. Coming into existence during the fertile ’00s, this release marks a bold new era for this reinvigorated project.

“Trapper Keeper” is already a hit from live shows, here given a proper recording and single treatment. The b-side, paying tribute to Radio Shock‘s roots, is a cover of Wolf Eyes‘ “Imagine Yourself As Me” (from their first self-titled album). It features guest vocals by Admiral Grey, singer for the band Cellular Chaos.

Pressed onto a green vinyl 7″ record, each order also includes a digital download of the 2 tracks, and as an added bonus, a download of an 8-track EP of remixes by Poingly, Newton, No.213, Yakuza Dance Mob, Women of Rock, Smhoak Mosheein, Logan Terkelsen, and Mix Meister Jonny Wray.


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No Fun Fest Day 3

Wolf Eyes
Lee Ranaldo + Roger Miller + William Hooker Trio
Nautical Almanac
Double Leopards

Tan As Fuck + Newton
Knifestorm + Unicorn Hard On
Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment

@ North Six – Brooklyn, NY

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BM051 “No Tribute – Music Of The Nihilist Spasm Band” CD


Labels Breathmint, Carbon, Little Mafia, Sunship
Catalog# BM051, CR69, LM025, SUN25
Format CD
Country US
Released 2002

Edition of 500
Packaging / Insert
full color insert

housed CD jewel case

1 Baku We Are Not The Nihilist Spasm Band (3:27)
2 U Can Unlearn Guitar The Filter Song (2:29)
3 The Pin vs.Bellchamber I Have Nothing To Say (3:56)
4 Unconditional Loathing Destroy The Nations (3:14)
5 Jacopo Andreini Forget (3:48)
6 Winter Carousel Meateater (1:36)
7 Roughage United Nations (3:56)
8 V/Vm Kiss The Duck (3:44)
9 Dapper An Appeal To Reason (5:01)
10 Madame Chao Shinkansen (2:01)
11 Alan Licht What About Me? (0:47)
12 Smell & Quim La Mama Lament (3:57)
13 Inca Eyeball Stupidity (1:45)
14 Carlos Giffoni Dog Face Man (2:30)
15 Reynols Indecision Of The Night (0:52)
16 Cock E.S.P. Enough Is Enough (1:09)
17 DEL Jeg Er En Skikkelig Bra Fyr (I’m A Real Nice Fellow) (3:58)
18 Pengo It’s Not My Fault (3:58)
19 Glands Of External Secretion Noise Picking (4:33)
20 Panicsville Gazetteer Of Newfoundland (3:43)
21 Wolf Eyes No Bananafish (2:39)
22 Wrong Unlikely (5:10)
23 Newton This Is A Test (0:29)
24 Hijokaidan No Canada (3:04)

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