Flag Day I

Flag Day Fest

Community Arts Phoenixville & Flag Day Recordings are happy to present it’s first annual summer event bringing you a varied mix of music within the experimental genre.

Performances by:

Guillermo Pizarro (PA)
Sound designer / Flag Day Recordings operator, Guillermo Pizarro opens up the event with ambient textures and cinematic story telling through sound.

Moth Bucket (Central PA)
Wild, free improv from this local-ish duo. Percussion, tape loops, ciat-lombarde devices. Everything a growing moth needs.

Sandy Ewen (NY)
Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect based in Houston. Her current projects include the trio Etched in the Eye, Spiderwebs, Garden medium, and an ongoing collaboration with bassist Damon Smith. She has performed alongside Roscoe Mitchell, Keith Rowe, Lydia Lunch and many others, and has performed and recorded with Weasel Walter, Jaap Blonk, Henry Kaiser and more.

Newton (PA)
Trapped In A World He Never Made!

Newton (pronounced: NOO-tən) is the moniker of experimental musician and sound artist Mat Rademan, born and based in the Philadelphia major metropolitan area.

Rademan has created a prolific and profound catalog of recordings, live performances, films and installations since the project’s inception in 1995 (although this work was not released to public until 2000). His sound works are a singular blend of electronics, voice, cassette recorders, contact microphones, and occasional non-musical devices. Seamlessly incorporating various techniques and themes of musique concrète, existentialism, noise, absurdism, anti-music, field recording, glitch, and sometimes even performance art into his work. The result is a truly unique perspective in both theory and practice. Rademan also runs the prolific Philadelphia sound label Breathmint, also founded in 1995.

Jen Kutler (NY)
Jen Kutler is a multidisciplinary artist and performer. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender, queerness and intimacy to create atypical instruments and sculptures. Her performances feature many of her instruments incorporated with immersive field recordings to explore common and discrepant experiences of familiar social tones in immersive sound and media environments.

Christopher Feltner (VA)
Author, performance artist, sound poet and noise artist, these are just some of the hats that Christopher S. Feltner wears. Visceral, intimate performances are his specialty. Not to be missed.

Terence Hannum (MD)
Terence Hannum is a Baltimore based visual artist and musician who performs solo, with the avant-metal band Locrian (Relapse Records) and the dark synthpop duo The Holy Circle. Also, more recently has been performing under the name Axebreaker an anti-fascist Power Electronics project. He has exhibited at The Suburban (Milwaukee), TSA (Brooklyn), Guest Spot (Baltimore), Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), School 33 (Baltimore), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Gallery 400 at UIC (Chicago, IL), Allegra La Viola (NYC), City Ice Arts (Kansas City, MO) & Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans, LA)

Community Arts Phoenixville
June 14th
$15 Early Bird / $20 Day of Event