International Noise Conference 2005 – Miami, FL – Day 2 (two)

International Noise Conference

Curator Todd Lynne

Puke Attack (Charleston, SC)
Dead/Bird (Portland, OR)
Byron House  (Tampa, FL)
Turmoiled Functions  (Tampa, FL)
What’s YR Damage?  (Orlando, FL)
Skeleton Warrior (Orlando, FL)
LimpLungs  (Tampa, FL)
Then and Than  (Tampa, FL)
Skinny Winners with Newton  (Tampa, FL & Philadelphia, PA)
The Oals  (Tampa,FL)
New Flesh  (Baltimore,MD)
Dream House  (Boston, MA)
Downtown Archaeologist (New Bedford MA)
Impractical Cockpit (New Orleans, LA)
Heart2Heart (Providence, RI)
Crotch Council (Bloomington, IN)
Smut (Bloomington, IN)
Pairs (Tampa, FL)
Paul Westervelt (Orlando,FL)

Spooky Kat – Art & Music & Blood (Gallery Space)
by Antonia of LRS

Contorted Local Rock Bands (Outside Patio)
The Hooples
The Fun
Creepy T’s
Sayonara Tokyo

– live @ Churchill’sMiami, FL