What is a Micro-Show?



The first ever Micro-Show was held in Richmond, VA on June 17th, 1995

Sam McPheeters, as he likes to put it, is the Thomas Edison of those little bastards.

The rules are simple:

Five (5) bands play for one (1) minute each, if any band runs one (1) second over sixty (60) the crowd is responsible for storming the stage and ending the set.

On September 19th 2009 (14 years, 3 months, 2 days  or 7,499,520 minutes after the first one), Breathmint & Z Radio began co-curating their own series of Micro-Shows.

Micro-Show #1
Micro-Show #2: Friday The 13th
Micro-Show #3: (pre) INC
Micro-Show #4: (pre) INC Philly
Micro-Show #5: “On The Road Again”
Micro-Show #6: Delaware
Micro-Show #7: Micro
Micro-Show #8
Micro-Show #9
Micro-Show #10: Miami
Micro-Show #11: Judgment Day

here’s what Sam McPheeters’has to say on the subject of Micro-Shows from his zine Shooting Space

shooting-space-1-cover shooting-space-1-micro-show-article-1 shooting-space-1-micro-show-article-2