BM260 Suffering Bastard / Cock E.S.P. split 10″


Label Breathmint ,  Apop,  Freenoise, &  Little Mafia
Catalog# BM260
Format 120gram 10″
Country US
Released Jun 4, 2008
Credits A1 – A5 recorded & mastered by Joe Moody @ Danger Multitrack Studio – South Providence, RI
A6 & A7 recorded by Suffering Bastard @ Nord Caverns – mastered by Joe Moody
side B produced by Dick Rhodes
Edition of 500
Packaging packaged in pro printed green and silver cardboard jacket.

A1 Suffering Bastard Intro / Dank Of the Dead (1:10)
A2 Suffering Bastard Regurgitation (0:55)
A3 Suffering Bastard Shitvomit (0:30)
A4 Suffering Bastard Goremower (0:36)
A5 Suffering Bastard Bride Of Assgut (0:53)
A6 Suffering Bastard Fartfucker (0:52)
A7  Suffering BastardAssorted Organ Stew (0:34)
B1 Cock E.S.P. Girls On Cock (1:37)
B2 Cock E.S.P. Hungry Like The Cock (0:50)
B3 Cock E.S.P. Cock In Your Nightmare (0:47)
B4 Cock E.S.P. The Cockflex (0:26)
B5 Cock E.S.P. I Don’t Want Your Cock (live in Oslo) (2:37)