FUN & Head Molt “Halftone Mud” collaboration CS 20

Label 905 Tapes
Catalog # 905.153
Format CS-20
Country USA
Released June 3rd, 2011
Credits Jonny Wray
Mat Rademan
Gary Stevens
Recorded October 30, 2010 @ Cat Mansion – Richmond, VA
Edition of 48
Packaging / Insert
full color insert & b&w j card on colored paper
packaged in clear bottom nerelco hard box


“about to get way conceptual with you on this one. okay, so what we have here is a collaboration between three gentlemen: breathminstrel Mat Rademan, z radiologist Jonny Wray (the fun duo), and head molter Gary Stevens. on mischief night 2010 they laid down some material at Cat Mansion in Richmond, Virginia. then, each dude fashioned the session into four unique mixes. that’s three perspectives, four jams per perspective. so 12 tracks in total, but basically one track, ya know? each manipulation takes up one side of a tape and no tape is the same. so if your version has the mixes “perspective 3, mix 2” and “perspective 1, mix 3”, then that combo aint showing up on any other copy of halftone mud. two tracks by the same perspective do not show up on any tapes and every possible combination was used. word? – Mike Haley, 905 tapes