Various Artists “No Labels No Musics 4”

Various Artists “No Labels No Musics 4”
Editora Do Porto

The sound collage project “No Labels No Musics” challenges musicians to create original compositions from an existing field recording archive. Participants are limited to field recordings as the only sound sources, but are encouraged to chop, mutilate, and process until cooked to desired flavor.

Tracks by: Arcane Waves, Blue Hell, Burning Artist, Cousin Silas & Shane Morris, Diabolical Device, Fabio Keiner, Grove of Whispers, Ivo Gonçalves, Jean-Jacques Girardot, Joe Stevens, Lost Technology, Lux Seeker, Muied Lumens, Mystified, Newton, Nicholas Blachford, Out Level, Phillip Wilkerson, Red Clouds, Robin Parmar, Shane Morris, Sighell, Sonologyst, William Spivey, cc20, Jack Hertz, midnightradio11, ps, remst8, usr/sbin

Download the compilation (Please note these files are Flac format)