Various Artists “Tusco/Embassy Christmas Compilation 2012″ Cassette

Various Artists “Tusco/Embassy Christmas Compilation 2012

Now available to the public. The 2012 edition of T/E’s Christmas Tape. Some familiar and some new to us all. 100 minutes long. Professionally duplicated. 19 tracks. Another in the series of quintessential avant/noise/sound offerings.

Featuring exclusive works by: Zurvan, Geological Creep, Aaron Dilloway, Telecult Powers, Quicksails, Liquid Head, Weed Tree, Amananda R Howland, Newton, Leigh Silverblatt, Skin Graft, Trogpite, Cane Swords, Thursday Club, Sharlyn Evertsz, Ilza, Dark Matter White Fire, Watchword, Sun Poisoning, Grasshopper

*This compilation is not of Christmas music but is an annual release in conjunction with a yearly event staged by Tusco/Embassy.