Trogotronic Compilation II: 34 Movements in the Tinnitus Symphony

Various ArtistsTrogotronic Compilation II: 34 Movements in the Tinnitus Symphony
Grindcore Karaoke / Trogotronic

Join the stinking waxie hair-filled sound holes of the knuckle dragging subhumans in celebration of the very worst audio compositions submitted for disapproval to the milestone Grindcore Karaoke release #400: The Trogotronic Compilation II. Never in the history of humans has there been a collection of sounds so certain to repel even the most tolerant of friends, relatives, neighbors, trusted pets & most especially hominids of the fairer sex.

Tracks by: 13 Hz, All Leather, ANTICITIZEN, Bastard Noise, Black Zenith, CDR, Facialmess, FEAR KONSTUKTOR, Foreign Superhero, Frailty of Angels, Frank Benkho, Geronimo, GRÆYBACK, Guilty C., J. Randall, Juhyo, Kelly Churko, Lopezdonado & Lloyd Barret, MANTICHORA, Monotonos, Newton, NONLOCALITY, OMEI, Pretty Agony, Procession of The Black Sloth, Razorblade Jock Strap, Råd Kjetil Senza Testa, Ryan Unks, Shayne Bowden, Suffering Luna, Tube Tentacles, Two Leggeds, WATER TORTURE, Weinglas

The selection process was tedious & habit forming as seen below & on our YouTube video in a “fly on the wall” view of Trogotronic’s brain-trust Professor Rube & lab assistant Eyesly Dickenson deep in contemplation.