st77 Dogbox “untitled” CS(32)


Label Scumbag Relations
Catalog# st77
Format CS (32)
Country US
Released Nov 2008
Edition of ???
Packaging b&w insert on cardstock white paper, hand typed text.
packaged in clear bottom norelco hard box


A Untitled (00:00)

B Untitled (00:00)





Your Dogs Temperament….Large or Small Dog…..Do You Have Time To Exercise Your Dog?…..Do You Have Children?…..Less or More Time Consuming…..Are You Allergic To Dander?…..Intelligent And Easy To Train….Protection. Label description

“So immediately I am thinking that this is going to be just what I needed. There is a time and place for obsessively poring over and tweaking your work, throwing out shit that doesn’t sound “right”, laboring over parts that aren’t “there” yet. Quality control can be a very beautiful thing, and sometimes ignoring it can go way overboard. I don’t want to listen to every single ounce of drivel that works it’s way out of your basement. Just because you burnt three j-bones when you recorded doesn’t mean that everyone is going to when they listen. However, I also think that approach has a major role to play. The idea of simply fucking around and being cool with what turns out, if not embraced, is going to turn everyone into cynics and assholes. That doesn’t mean you don’t make an attempt, it just means to chill out and accept the results every now and then. I mean, sure, “Bleach” could’ve been better, but what do you get with that mindset? I’ll tell you what you get. You get Butch Vig staring at a mixing console with stupid orange tinted glasses saying “let’s double those vocals, too” and before you know it you got a dead body on your hands. Is that what you want? IS IT!?
This C32 is the only thing I have ever heard from Dogbox, so I don’t know what their output as a whole is like, but based on this alone I would say that they don’t listen to their master tapes before sending them out to the labels. And you know what? I am all for that. There are a good amount of people in the noise scene that feel the need to figuratively stroke their own genitals and egos on a regular basis. “Well, what I was going for with this piece is a transgression of sorts based on several acute theories that…” Shut the fuck up. If Dogbox were here they would stare blankly at each other, then spit Raspberry Sprite flavored Slurpees in your face, then use your equipment and blow you away. Feels good to see a level field.
This tape isn’t just total zoner nonsense and that is why it works. It’s actually really, really fucking good! The start is a little shaky and gave me my doubts. (I think they quickly sampled the opening of Contra for NES and “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors), but quickly recovered with 31.5 minutes of boozy ruckus. What you get is an open air (but decent quality) recording of random instrument and non-instrument tomfoolery. Squeals into the mic, thumps on a drum, the shaking of objects in tin cans, etc… The first side is a bit restrained, but blows out as it continues on the second side. Feedback and clatter amasses with a little bit of guitar flinging going on, but it’s all fairly leveled. I’d like to think no kittens were harmed during the recording, but I’m starting to have my doubts.
The cover art is pretty boring, just a black and white, pixelated drawing of a car. There isn’t even anything cool on the license plate! Give me a FU69 or something! The inside of the cover has two typed lines: “scumbag relations no.77” and “dogbox”, which looks to be Scumbag Relations’ deal, and comes across pretty cool. This cassette is a pretty nice departure from people taking things way to seriously, and a rad release at the same time. A fine line to walk. Highly recommended. “ – Mike HaleyTabs Out