Various Artists “ST Pete Noise Fest 6”

ST Pete Noise Fest 6 Mixtape cover

Various ArtistsST Pete Noise Fest 6
Forever Escaping Boredom
Cassette (C120)

Featuring 27 artists performing at ST Pete Noise Fest 2013: Blessed Thistle, Human Fluid Rot, Newton, BLK/MAS, AODL, Sharlyn Evertsz, B-O-U-R-G-E, NOWS, Dromez, Hal McGee, Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge, Bacteria, Durastatic, Arvo Zylo, Nequam Sonitus, Zone Tripper, Glasgow Smile, Thirteen Hurts, Italics, Juice Machine, Ironing, Novasak, Dental Work, Sisto Rossi, Hell Garbage, Victimes De Regime, Triangle and Rhino

Nearly 2 hours of noise on a single pink translucent cassette! Comes with a download code.

Arranged & Mastered By – Todd Novasad

Edition of 55

All proceeds going directly to the ST Pete Noise Fest.

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