Various Artists “A Frank Hurricane Tribute Vol. 1”


Various ArtistsA Frank Hurricane Tribute Vol. 1
Whitehaus Family Record

Tribute cassette to the great *and still alive!* Frank Hurricane assembled by Arkm Foam in winter 2012-’13.

This tape comes with amazing cuts from: Happy Jawbone, Jake Merrick, Sam Gas Can, Preggy Peggy, Daniel Bachman, Johnny Young, Newton, Kristin Mendes and Jessie Heasley, Moon Climb The Wall, Erich Haygun, Illlich, Nathan Ventura, Wes Buckley, Tremarche, Joe Mygan, and Tendrills.

B/W art by the holy Josh Burkette of Mystra/Mystery Train (Amherst)(etccc) , also comes with a Frank Hurricane poster by Josh.

200 copies on pro dubbed/printed cassettes.