Newton “Rotting Rainbows b/w Goodbye Candle Haus”

Newton - Rotting Rainbows b_w Goodbye Candle Haus cover
NewtonRotting Rainbows b/w Goodbye Candle Haus
Rainbow Bridge Recordings

A bogglin tape-heavy + out of this world noisy collage from a hardcore vet of bizarrities you all know and love. Maybe you know him as half of FUN or his gorgeous label called BREATHMINT.

Side A’s an assault of every god damn color in the spectrum. Sounds like total synth madness with a dizzying stereo image panning party. Side B is the legendary and much anticipated and super confusing collage masterpiece of a bunch of super drunk friends of mine totally trashing the basement of Candle Haus, complete with lots of glass, after their last show before they all broke up and ruined the noise scene in Fairfax, VA. – Justin Marc Lloyd

Black ink on either light blue, yellow, pale dark red, neon orange, lime green/white zebra print, or dark violet card stock, hand-numbered.