The Museum Of Microcassette Art: Dubb Normal “Mixt Ape”


Dubb NormalMixt Ape
The Museum Of Microcassette Art

some new recordings and some going back to the late 80’s

Sounds Include:
Unborn Baby Heart Beat
Windshield Wipers
God Tussi Great Ho
Vacuum On EMAC
and Interview Quest!

Some people featured:
Christy Brown
Janet Flora
Heather Rice is all like “who the fuck is Jenny Jones!?”
Ron Hicks “that’s a serious question”..
Lindsay Smith
Newton doing a live Microcassettor commercial
Rachel Victoria getting so violated, confused, talkative, & nervous…
art by Abbey Lee Sarver

I am pleased and proud to announce the MOMA album by Dubb Normal – aka Justin Waters of Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the people who inspired me to pursue microcassette audio art. His Microcassettor project in the first decade of the 2000s was a crucial introduction to the MAD WORLD of microcassette art and noise!
– Hal McGee