Various Artists – “Songs In The Key of Ⓝ”

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Various ArtistsSongs In The Key of Ⓝ

Songs In The Key of Ⓝ serves as a compendium of many varieties of recordings, including but not limited to commissioned songs, ghost-written pieces, jingles, parodies, song poems, voicemails, personalized tracks, and crowdsourced audio. Each was collected, solicited, and otherwise produced sometime during the period of 2003-2014, but all have one common thread: Newton.

Each track is presented in its original Hi-Fi / Lo-Fi / No-fi quality.

Tracks by: Arny Australia, Banjoman, Ben Gunn & Gaz Edwards, Brandon Word, chris954, Con Tex, conspiracy of one, Eighty Bug, eyani1, fockstrot, Giantship Records Song Shop, Grandpa the Don, Hampton Lamoureux, Hazzard Street Crew, Henry and Jerry, infaredmusik, Insane Bob, Isaku Kageyama, ishmusic, Jana Barros, Justin Allen Pierce, Kaitlynn Murria, Klowdz and Munkey, l of Charlemagne, Legendary Fun, Legit Best Covers, Loomer’s Emporium, Maria Lua, Microwave Walrus, Monkosaur Productions, MoocH 1, Neigh Kid Horse, Nicole Murray, Prince Fontaine, Psychonthemic, Qdog 83, Raps4u, Robot Teammate and the Accidental Party, Ryan Dinho, scottyz_kosher, Sellerss, Shada Watkins, ShiftyPOP, Son of Newton, Special Breh Barbershop Quartet, Taylor Karras, The Ukulele Bandito, Tito Comedy, Tony Clifton, trcapromo, uwbobsledders, Vandi Design, Wordfunky