Various Artists “Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation”

Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
Various ArtistsBig Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
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The Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation is the 4th release in the One Nation Under Noise project, a series of free, downloadable & streamable collections of tracks from artists from each individual State in the U.S.A.

Tracks by: 185668232, A Life of Arctic Sounds, Anna Azizzy, Birthie, Brother Ong, Buoyhood, Burnout Warcry, Check Engine Palace, Christian Mirande, Crown of Eternity, Curious and Ruin, D.Rifle, Daywand, Guillermo Pizarro, Highseer, Holocene Ensemble, Hunted Creatures, Margaret Cox, Mark Emhoff, Mike Tamburo, Morgan Tindall, Nevhar Anhar, Newton, OMNIVM, Onewayness vs. Alex Wilson, Owner, RAQVB, Requiem, RJ Myato, Ryan Emmett, Satyr/Elfheim, Skeletonized, Stephen Boyle, SUPERVOLCANO, Tape Monster, The Butterfield Conspiracy, The Garment District, Ventriloquist, Whoopsydaisy

Please note: this compilation is not a complete or comprehensive roster of all Pennsylvania noise and experimental music artists, just the ones that were willing to contribute.