Desiccant “Silica Gel demo” Cassette

Silica Gel demo cover
DesiccantSilica Gel demo

Desiccant is a newly formed duo featuring Andy Borsz of Slasher Risk & Mat Rademan aka Newton. You know them both. On their own they each have found a unique place in the North American Underground Experimental/Freak/Noise/Weirdo scene since the late 1990s/early 2000s. Now they join forces as Desiccant, creating the sort of grimy output only possible from decades of dropping earplugs in beer and sweat-soaked basements. Weaving a bleak tapestry with samplers, tape loops, synthesizes, and rubbish, Desiccant aims to guide listeners through a wasteland of music concrete and harsh noise into a dramatic and engulfing New American drone. It’s the deliberate and aged sound of failed relationships, putting the family pet to sleep, and holding the hand of a sick loved one. This is your soundtrack for dying in a desert and not caring.

Silica Gel demo photo

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Various Artists “Cut Up America”

Cut Up America
Various ArtistsCut Up America
Factotum Tapes
3xc60 in poly bag with zine, download code, stickers, and scissors.

Tracks by: Sickness, To Live and Shave in L.A., Xome, Newton, PCRV, Jay Howard, Ahlzagailzehguh, Jay Randall, Tralphaz, T.E.F., Crank Sturgeon, Mania, Sissy Spacek, Collapsed Arc, Existence in Decline, Bacillus, aodl, Wrong Hole, Developer, Aunt’s Analog, Ryan Jewell, Hostage Pageant, Constrain, Sean Seaton, Tinnitustimulus, Breakdancing Ronald Regan, id m theft able, Boar, Flesh Trade, Torschlusspanik, Human Fluid Rot, Fletcher Pratt, Jeff Carey, J. Soliday, Deterge, JRV, (a) sex, Greg Gorlen, Steve Flato, uvovu, Breaking the Will, Thirteen Fingers, Mass Comm, Peasant, Genital Stigmata, Whoracle of Delco


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Various Artists “The Official Donald Trump Jam”

The Official Donald Trump Jam cover
Various ArtistsThe Official Donald Trump Jam
Mabson Enterprises

an album of covers/ remix/ interpretations of the official donald trump jam by the USA Freedom Kids collected via social media by Kyle Mabson.

Tracks by: COMCAST WARNER, lil weepy x crydaddy rmx, Treasure Mammal, Geoff Geis, Glitchmoduck, The Pete/Repeat Experience, Eli Chartkoff, Newton, dj mdmHEY, James Bong, SatisHaus, Proud/Father

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Newton “Japan Souvenir Disc 2015 II”

Japan Souvenir Disc 2015 II cover
NewtonJapan Souvenir Disc 2015

originally released in physical form as a CDr in a edition of 50 by Breathmint for the Newton / Slasher Risk – Japan 2015 Tour.
CDrs were housed in cardboard sleeves

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