Various Artists “Noise Conglomerate IV”

Various Artists “Noise Conglomerate IV” Anti-Everything/AEN AE69 Untitled by NEWTON Recently unearthed from deep within the vaults of the Anti-Everything noise label resurfaces the long lost masters of “Noise Conglomerate Vol. IV”. A 99 track CD compilation compiled By Gary Stevens that never saw the light of day. An international collection of turn of the millennium noise, extreme music and sound art compiled between 1998 and 2002. Now freely available…

No Fun Fest Day 1

Pita Thurston Moore + Chris Corsano + Jim O’Rourke + Paul Flaherty Dream Aktion Unit Carlos Giffoni + Dylan Nyoukis duo Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Rubber ((o Cement Burning Star Core Miscarriage Magick Markers Life Partners Three Legged Race @ North Six – Brooklyn, NY