Various Artists “re-c-c”

Various Artistsre-c-c

After c-c released his first album (“Muse Ick Fact Or Y“) in 2007 a few unsolicited remixes trickled in, which started this snowball rolling. The result is a collection of 36 remixes/reworkings/reinterpretations by artists from a wide variety of mostly electronic genres of c-c’s hamfistedly recontextualized & regurgitated sounds, essentially remixes of remixes. What was broken has now been pieced together in to new forms — some fixed, some further broken, the sum of the new versions eclipsing the source. This collection of remixes works as a diverse & fascinating compilation in its own right, the common source material often a loose thread that disappears from audibility altogether.

Features remixes by The Viirus, Dim Past, Undulations Marcel, Hifi Envelope, Chefkirk, Johan Ess, jde, Christopher Byler, DJ Deadfinger, SatisHouse, Local Duo, 3P1L3PT1C F1T, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Ghost Fields, Tom Smith, Big Whatever, Travis Johnson, Textual, Adikt, Kragle, Rauh, Oddknock, Luminous In Nummer, Cult Cosmos, Black Stabbath, Newton, Isabelle Gunn, Frog, DJ SKA, Jody Luna, Xingu, AG Davis, Bánh Mì Soundsystem, p.sparrow, & c-c.

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Chefkirk + Carl Kruger “Unexpected End Of Formula”

Chefkirk + Carl Kruger - Unexpected End Of Formula Cover
Chefkirk + Carl KrugerUnexpected End Of Formula

An electronic noise collaboration between Chefkirk and Carl Kruger, originally released on the label Meatronic in March 30, 2009.
When Meatronic ceased operations this file became unavailable.
The resurrection of this track was deemed necessary and was reissued July 29, 2013 on .x. with bonus remixes by Newton and c-c. The cover art was visually remixed by c-c.

Chefkirk wrote this at the time of its original release: “Carl and I have been collab’n since 2004 and this is our 5th release together. Mr. Kruger and I have a release under the moniker Ibiza Shock Troops. Troops consisted of Carl supplying the beats and my no-input mixer modulations thrown on top. The source material for Unexpected End Of Formula was originally intended for another I.S.T. release, but i really didn’t like what we had. Carl sent me the original beats back in late 2007. I added the no-input and shelved the whole thing. I broke it out in 2008, but didn’t like the new changes. Finally I dug this stuff up again in August of ‘08. After many, many CPU edits, and 1 final mix Jan. 2009 it is done.”

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c-c “a-b-c-c’s”


A collection of EPs, compilation tracks, remixes, and loose ends from c-c, the aural companion to intentionally glitchy animated gifs (also included). c-c professed “genres are for suckers” so let’s make some new ones by way of description: clip-hop, interbent, trashtronica, bitmeddling, detritronic, mashdown, gifco, breakbit. 31 tracks & 63 images spanning 2006-2012. This is not a discography, though.

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FUN – My Castle of Quiet session remixes


Inasmuch as they bring the spirit of lighthearted enjoyment to their renderings in the avant-garde, the members of FUN are not jokers, nor are they schlemiels or shlamazels. Exhibit B in this particular case, these remixes of source material from their original My Castle of Quiet session of 15th December, 2010. I thought immediately that this was a great idea, and I wish I’d thought of it myself, but no, ’twas the FUN boys and a few of their colleagues in the noise universe that rendered these re-imaginings, which, depending on one’s perspective and/or mood of the moment, can prove more entertaining even than the original sets themselves.

Think of FUN as an urban-American brothers Rupenus, where everything—especially one’s own work—becomes cut-up fodder to be dealt with accordingly. And, in the spirit of the remix (as we all originally became acquainted with that term and process), several of these tracks have a beat, and goddamn if you can’t dance to it.

For example, “Untitled (Unicorn Hard-on Remix)” is a glorious recall of NDW pop rhythms, while “We Gonna Fun You (Ironing remix)” is dancehall with a peg-leg. “Untitled (Tom Smith remix),” starting at about the 9-minute mark, is straight-up house music, metallurgist-style, the beat supplied by a harnessed and regimented fragment of tonal buzz. So, for those of you who “hate noise” (and are still reading this post), these FUN remixes may be just the thing to bridge your gap.

The other tracks cover perhaps more expected territory, but are no less engaging, and more than foot the bill of being revisitations of the original source session. Being able to ponder such a wealth of alternate camera angles upon one’s own creations gives away that FUN are indeed having fun, but not merely fun—there’s real artistry at work here.

Wm. M. Berger

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