Cyber-Punk SCummer

You know the drill. “Let’s spill some guts” Def Nik Container Unicorn Hard-On Metasplice Dead Bastard + DJ Newtronix @ Pageant: Soloveev – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Micro-Show #11: Judgment Day

Pretend, Dress Up New Singularity Dead Bastard Wether People Skills @ Padlock Gallery / Z Radio – Philadelphia, PA Further reading: What is a Micro-Show? 2011 end times prediction Judgment Day The Rapture

Micro-Show #9

Micro-Show #9 C Section Hair Loss Brian Osborne Dead Bastard @ ZRadio Philadelphia, PA 3pm-308pm What is a Micro-Show?

River Romp #3

Z Radio Presents River Romp #3 Inner Fare Skeleton Warrior HNY Dead Bastard @ Kelly Drive Park – Philadelphia, PA