MT6 Fest 2010

MT6 Fest 2010 Human Host IED-IUD Jason Willett Experience Dinner Music and The Ruined Frame Cosmic Warlords NARC Bad Liquor Pond Kreace Peeps CAVEMEN Krestarians Creepy Murdle Expanding Man Mongoloidian Glow FUN Pat Grant Needlegun Chief Pokawa Rosemary Krust Dim Dusk Moving Dawn Forest Dwellers Caleb Johnston Spermwhales @ Hexagon – Baltimore, MD

Random Gear Festival 2009 (w/ pig & pizza roast)

each band/performer will randomly select a pre-assembled list of instruments (both musical & not) and then perform applying improvisational skills with those items. potentially mind blowing / sad / genre defying performances from: Mildew Dinner Music Twilight Memories Of The Three Suns Rat Bastard + God Willing Embarker Valerie Martino + Brian Morseberger Social Junk Justin Waters & friends Work/Death Burak + Oubliette FUN Dick Neff Savage Relatives Outmode Haves…