Commotion: Sound Places

co-presented by Bowerbird Sound Places is a “virtual” sound art project that allows participants to create freely re-mixable, site-specific audio pieces using Google maps, iPods and smartphones. Sound Places will take place during the entire Commotion Festival, June 16 – 30 2012, and will feature a series of short audio pieces, each of which is directly related to or inspired by a specific location or area in the Point Breeze,…

Freedom & Sound

Sudden Infant FUN Jesse Kudler & Ian Fraser Savage Relatives @ Vox Populi / Aux – Philadelphia, PA

Morally Gray – Live Action #3

Morally Gray Bob  Bellerue SweetNothing with Jordan Graw Jesse Kudler Barraks Of Afganastan @ Pageant Soloveev – Philadelphia, PA