Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. Shockrockumentary Miniseries Trailer

Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. | East Coast / Midwest North America Tour February 2013 Also Featuring: Ben Hersey / Anthro Rex, Big Mouth Billy Bass, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Embarker & Newton, Horaflora, Ironing, Jeff Rehnlund, Jiblit Dupree, Jill Burton, Lazy Magnet, Michael Collins, Rat Bastard, Secret Boyfriend, Solace Media Corporation, Sylvester Alone, Timeghost, Tracey Trance

Newton “PPlays Lazzzy MaMag” CDr

Newton “PPlays Lazzzy MaMag” Breathmint CDr PPlays Lazzzy MaMag by Newton Produced January 2013 using random selections from Lazy Magnet’s massive 19 year body of recorded work & live recordings as source material. Originally released in physical form as a CDr in an edition of 19 by Breathmint For the best listening experience please play on shuffle.