Noise Shower

Embarker Newton Seth Graham Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams Close Your Eyes I’m Changing Flesh Control McCord @ Silent Barn – Brooklyn, New York

International Noise Conference USA Tour 2013: Philadelphia

Rat Bastard‘s touring noise circus returns to Philadelphia. 15 minutes or less per act Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach, Florida) Galway (Melbourne, Australia) Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach, Florida + Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Terco Wrecker (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Embarker & Brian Osborne (Brooklyn, New York) McCord (Brooklyn, New York) 500mg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Ruined (Allentown, Pennsylvania) Are We Soaking Wet? (Wilmington, Delaware) Kohoutek (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Sexual…

RTR series show #12

Cloud Dweller McCord Comoros @ Random Tea Room – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phi-Phenomena on Wheels 10th Anniversary Tour: Philadelphia

Laundry Room Squelchers Drums Like Machine Guns Paranoid Time the Suicide Magnets Antler Piss McCord Thee Ultimate Vag C Lavender People Skills FUN full – length sets by: Satanized Mindless Attack @ Pageant Soloveev – Philadelphia, PA