Various Artists “Noise Conglomerate IV”

Various ArtistsNoise Conglomerate IV

Recently unearthed from deep within the vaults of the Anti-Everything noise label resurfaces the long lost masters of “Noise Conglomerate Vol. IV”. A 99 track CD compilation compiled By Gary Stevens that never saw the light of day. An international collection of turn of the millennium noise, extreme music and sound art compiled between 1998 and 2002. Now freely available for mass consumption.

Tracks by: 7000 Dying Rats, Adam Chao, Alexander Rishaug, Alienlovers In Amagasaki, Ames Sanglantes, Arm, Artifical Memory Trace, Bastard Noise, Battery Operated, Big City Orchestra, Birchville Cat Motel, Black Leather Jesus, Brutum Fulmen, Bunny Brains, Burning Star Core, Carlos Giffoni, Cock E.S.P., Cornucopia, Cotton Museum, Daniel Menche, Daniele Brusaschetto, Daruin, Das Synthetische Mischgewbe, Deathsquad, Department of Experimental Health, Diagram: A, Eeyow Karoom, ENE, Ernesto Diaz Infante, Eugenics Council, Facialmess, Fckn Bstrds, Filthy Turd, Flatline Construct, Found Sound, Fuck The Facts, Gasolineman, Gerritt, Glands Of External Secretion, Government Alpha, Guilty Connector, Harmartia Brady, the Haters, the Haters vs Moz, Hermit, Irene Moon, John Wiese, Joshua Norton Cabal, K2 with Hyware, K2, Kannibalbloodbath, Kazumoto Endo, Kimihide Kusafuka, KK Null, Lasse Marhaug, Lonnie Methe, Macroprurient, Mammal, Meerk Puffy, Micronympha, Mr. Mlitter, Never Presence Forever, Newton, Noise Nomads, Okha, Outermost, Panicsville, Phillipp Wolokitin, Phroq, Pimp Aktion Slut Gun, Princess Dragon Mom, Prurient, Radiosonde, Rats With Wings, Reynols, Richard Ramirez, S. Isabella, Seasonal Affect, Sewer Election, Sickness, Sissy Spacek, Sorethroat, Striecher, Sudden Infant, Superfuckers, Suppression, TEF, Telepherique, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, Tore H. Boe, Towering, Unconditional Loathing, Urschaum, Viodre, Vok, Whorebutcher, Wiese & Koh, Xome, Zombi

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Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)

Various Artists “God Bless America” CS (60)
E.F. Tapes
Envious Foreigners #206
Edition of 100

Noise Bands showing their American pride with their unique takes on the “Star Spangled Banner”.
Features: Plack Blague, Breakdancing Ronald Regan, Actuary, Solypsis, Rotten Piece, Dental Work, Repulsar, Panicsville, Newton, Cock E.S.P. & RU-486, Disthroned Agony, Cyrus Pireh, Deepgrave Min Og Dog, Centipedefarmer, Arvo Zylo, Mole Hole, Animal Steel

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BM051 “No Tribute – Music Of The Nihilist Spasm Band” CD


Labels Breathmint, Carbon, Little Mafia, Sunship
Catalog# BM051, CR69, LM025, SUN25
Format CD
Country US
Released 2002

Edition of 500
Packaging / Insert
full color insert

housed CD jewel case

1 Baku We Are Not The Nihilist Spasm Band (3:27)
2 U Can Unlearn Guitar The Filter Song (2:29)
3 The Pin vs.Bellchamber I Have Nothing To Say (3:56)
4 Unconditional Loathing Destroy The Nations (3:14)
5 Jacopo Andreini Forget (3:48)
6 Winter Carousel Meateater (1:36)
7 Roughage United Nations (3:56)
8 V/Vm Kiss The Duck (3:44)
9 Dapper An Appeal To Reason (5:01)
10 Madame Chao Shinkansen (2:01)
11 Alan Licht What About Me? (0:47)
12 Smell & Quim La Mama Lament (3:57)
13 Inca Eyeball Stupidity (1:45)
14 Carlos Giffoni Dog Face Man (2:30)
15 Reynols Indecision Of The Night (0:52)
16 Cock E.S.P. Enough Is Enough (1:09)
17 DEL Jeg Er En Skikkelig Bra Fyr (I’m A Real Nice Fellow) (3:58)
18 Pengo It’s Not My Fault (3:58)
19 Glands Of External Secretion Noise Picking (4:33)
20 Panicsville Gazetteer Of Newfoundland (3:43)
21 Wolf Eyes No Bananafish (2:39)
22 Wrong Unlikely (5:10)
23 Newton This Is A Test (0:29)
24 Hijokaidan No Canada (3:04)

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