Phi-Phenomena on Wheels 10th Anniversary Tour: Philadelphia

Laundry Room Squelchers Drums Like Machine Guns Paranoid Time the Suicide Magnets Antler Piss McCord Thee Ultimate Vag C Lavender People Skills FUN full – length sets by: Satanized Mindless Attack @ Pageant Soloveev – Philadelphia, PA

An Evening of Books and Noise 2

Curated By Kevin Esposito Antler Piss Savage Relatives . People Skills Cloud Dweller With DJ Dubins @ Bookspace – Philadelphia, PA flyer by Dretime

Micro-Show #11: Judgment Day

Pretend, Dress Up New Singularity Dead Bastard Wether People Skills @ Padlock Gallery / Z Radio – Philadelphia, PA Further reading: What is a Micro-Show? 2011 end times prediction Judgment Day The Rapture