Phi-Phenomena on Wheels 10th Anniversary Tour: Providence

Laundry Room Squelchers Cock E.S.P. FUN Rexor Suffering Bastard Work/Death Nandor Nevai Humanbeast Tanya Bezreh Lazy Magnet Worth full sets by: Taboo Time Ghost Relay For Death Shame Michael Broderick The video “Do Not Peer into Void” by Dave Fischer will be projected throughout the night. Paragon – Providence, RI

Phi-Phenomena on Wheels 10th Anniversary Tour: Philadelphia

Laundry Room Squelchers Drums Like Machine Guns Paranoid Time the Suicide Magnets Antler Piss McCord Thee Ultimate Vag C Lavender People Skills FUN full – length sets by: Satanized Mindless Attack @ Pageant Soloveev – Philadelphia, PA

Weapons of Phi-Phenomena

Stay Fuckin’ Rad Knifestorm Michael Przytarski Workbench Dyke Guido Tard Party Ra’sh Katan The Sunshine Will The M-Word Newton Octis @ North Six (Basement) – Brooklyn, New York ~ was stuck in snow, so Ren Schofield played as Newton

Phi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour 2001

PHI-PHENOMENA is an annual festival featuring 10 bands performing in one hour, each playing a 5-minute set with 1-minute breaks in between. The festival was held in New York in 1996 and 1998, Boston in 1997, Minneapolis in 1999, Los Angeles in 2000, and Miami in 2001. The style of music performed at these festivals has included noise, free jazz, indie pop, electronica and no wave. PHI-PHENOMENA ON WHEELS marks…