Various Artists “Cheap Fest IV”

Various Artists “Cheap Fest IV” Rat-Ward / Anti-Everything / RVA Noise Cheap Fest IV by Newton Compilation features artists performing at Cheap Fest IV, October 25-27, 2013 in Richmond, VA. All proceeds go towards funding Cheap Fest IV. Tracks by: Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Broadcaststatic, Broken Colors, Champagne Of Rats, Custer Flux, Developer, Dizkord, Dromez, Dubb Normal, Extant., Fire Death, Flesh Control, Floodbeast, Gene Pick, Hatchers, Lightless, Machismo, Monolith Zero, Negative…

Pre INC Orlando

Jiblit Dupree and The Rot Guts Embarker Newton Pvre Matrix Gem of Skin Nequam Sonitas The Nows Microwave Windows Jenny Moon Tucker Pony Payroll Bones D.A.W.N. Windsor’s Ghost Hell Garbage Whitey Alabastard and more TBA… @ Uncle Lou’s Entertaiment Hall – Orlando, Florida

The Pangaea Project No. 34: Pre INC Saint Petersburg

Radio Shock Embarker Newton Pvre Matrix Durastatic Hell Garbage blk/mas Lovebrrd Vasectomy Party The Explanations Point Nequam Sonitus Glaciers of Ice Rose Quartz John Freda David Decorte Mark Castle Direwood Doctor Pangloss Abstract Machine Antimatter Infusion Like Nomads Riss Leveret Wahuhi Stoteric Novasak Whitey Alabastard Jasmine Deja Black Beast of Arrrghhh J.Thelonious @ The Venture Compound – Saint Petersburg, Florida