Savage Weekend VI

Savage Weekend VI

Friday the 13th Saturday the 14th
Rat Bastard
Karl Raymar
Andy Borsz
Doom Asylum
Nick Klein
Pure Matrix
Charmaine’s Names
Vehement Caress
Dawn Raid
Boy Harsher
Stone Garden Jam Temple
Faster Detail
Patrick Gallagher
Pony Moon
Radiator Greys
Yoga Demon
Liquid Asset
Solid State Entity
Drippy Inputs
Jim Capps
Mike Geary
Kendall Cahan
Complaint Band
Forced Into Femininity
DJ ShlucHT
Sediment Club
Wilted Woman
Angels In America
Haves & Thirds
Pink Meal
Shredded Nerve
die Reihe
Saran Man
Sponge Bath
Jeff Zagers
Rotten Milk
Gay Peasant
Clavicula Salomonis
Suicide Magnets
Sean Seaton
Radio Shock
Clang Quartet
Burnt Hair
Bobby Flan
Beige Blood
King of Herrings
Cornelius F Von Straffin III

@ Nightlight – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Savage Weekend VIb

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“Little Haiti Rock City” A documentary featuring the legendary Churchill’s Pub Kickstarter

A documentary featuring the legendary Churchill’s Pub in Miami, FL and the music scene and culture it has fostered for nearly 35 years.

Rat Bastard, Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids, Cock E.S.P., The Mavericks, Unicorn Hard-On, Iron & Wine, Harry Pussy, Iggy Pop, Haves & Thirds, Wyclef, To Live And Shave In L.A., Dick Dale, God Willing, R.E.M., Newton, U2, Torche, The Jacuzzi Boys, Humbert, Load, The Holy Terrors, Quit, Young Turk, Sum 41, Nuclear Valdez, Al’s Not Well, Suicidal Tendencies, The UK Subs, Del The Funky Homosapien, Holly Hunt, Anal Cunt, and a bit of fish n chips!

Every one of these artists and tens of thousands more have had their day at the legendary Churchill’s Pub. Many even playing their very first show on its humble stage, and some moving on to world-wide acclaim. This unlikely watering hole and live music venue in the middle of Miami, Florida’s Little Haiti community, has been a part of American music history like no other for nearly thirty-five years.

Just as CBGB’s defined a large part of the music scene in New York, so Churchill’s has done for South Florida. It’s a venue unlike any other, and which has survived against all odds, where freedom of expression reigns and anyone with a guitar is welcome to the stage. Churchill’s is much more than the bar that’s seen more live bands than any other bar in the world. It’s become a home to many, a community and a family, and a haven that has fostered and shaped the live music scene in a vacation town known mostly for bright lights, sunny beaches and electronic dance music. The number of acts that have performed at Churchill’s is estimated at well over 20,000 and counting, but it’s days are dwindling.

Churchill's Pub
Churchill’s Pub

“The definition of a music scene is based on a music venue. So once a venue disappears, that scene is gone… if Churchill’s disappears the music scene that is living here at Churchill’s now, is going to disappear.” 

~Rat Bastard, Miami’s Godfather of Noise, and international music legend.

Dave Daniels (left), the owner of Churcill's Pub, together with Rat Bastard.
Dave Daniels (left), the owner of Churcill’s Pub, together with Rat Bastard.

Churchill’s has been sold. Sadly for many, the time has come for owner Dave Daniel’s to retire, and once the bar changes hands Churchill’s Pub as the world knows it will be gone forever. Dave’s amazing ability to not allow favoritism and opinion to control the stage is a rarity amongst ownership and management in any part of the world and that shall go along with him. No matter what happens when that day comes, whether the bar stays open or not, or continues as a live music venue, the Churchill’s Pub that we know and love, that has made such an impact on so many lives and musical careers and ambitions, will be forever changed. This is our opportunity to tell this inspiring story, to document it, and to make sure that its history is forever preserved and we keep the legacy alive.

We just could not let this moment pass us by. We saw an amazing story that was about to disappear and fade away like so many others untold. Only to be reminisced upon and thought of fondly in years to come, everyone wistfully agreeing, yeah, that place was one of the greats. And so we jumped at the opportunity, and together with the help of our amazing friends and local crew, started production on a little documentary we call LITTLE HAITI ROCK CITY: A `SORT OF’ FILM ABOUT CHURCHILL’S PUB.

We need YOUR help. The response we’ve had from everyone has been AMAZING, and everyone we’ve contacted or who has heard about our project has come with an outpouring of support, stories to tell, photographs, video footage, old posters, and most importantly of all, overwhelming emotion and gratitude that we are telling this story.

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Newton – Live Performance @ Ende Tymes IV: Festival Of Noise And Experimental Liberation


May 8, 2014 May 9, 2014 May 10, 2014 May 11, 2014
Rat Bastard
Blessed Thistle
Slasher Risk
Shredded Nerve
Phill Niblock
Jean-Sebastien Truchy
Philip White & Chris Pitsiokos
Limax Maximus

@ Silent Barn

R. Jencks
Damion Romero
Kevin Drumm & Chris Goudreau
MV Carbon & Bill Nace
Pedestrian Deposit
Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Mesa Ritual
Jeff Carey
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed
C. Lavender

@ Silent Barn

Skin Graft
Hiroshi Hasegawa
Clang Quartet
Bastard Noise & SICKNESS
Andrew Coltrane
Dog Lady Island
Telecult Powers
Sharlyn Evertsz
Don Haugen
Tom White

@ Silent Barn

David Linton
Jeff Donaldson
Pete Swanson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Ursula Scherrer & Bruce Andrews
Jason Soliday & Jon Satrom
Maria Chavez
Bhob Rainey
Gay Shapes
Al Margolis & KatherineLiberovskaya & Leslie Ross

+ video screenings

@ Outpost Artists Resources

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