Live Performances @ Eris Temple Arts

Tesco USA & Soldier’s Disease present: Hive Mind Deathpile Liable For Abuse Raven Strain Sexual Assault Rifle + DJ Andrew Wolfgang Kühl @ Eris Temple Arts – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Various Artists “Red Room DVD” 2xDVDr

Various Artists “Red Room DVD” 2xDVDr Tapeworm Tapes TW-11 Disk 1 features Cotton Museum, Sick Llama, Evenings, Charlie Draheim, Jimbo Easter, Metal Dungeon, & Spykes. Disk 2 features Raven Strain, Aaron Dilloway, Mildew, Paranoid Time, Newton, & Odd Clouds. First pressing limited to 10 double disks. Second pressing limited to 100 dvdr. Packaged in recycled dvd cases.