Haves & Thirds Form A Log God Willing Skeleton Warrior Russian Tsarlag Jeff Zagers FUN Union Camp Oubliette Dee Yay Parts And Pieces Of Past Ticiples CrAow Then And Than Preaux Breaux Geauxld S2K Ant Parade What The Fuck? S.H.V. Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn The Uh… Slavescene Body Rot Boulders Pro Bro Gold Mr.Transylvania Fuji Bright Orange Pserpent Small Pox Outmode Robot Ceremony No Compassion Double Dragon @ secret locations…


FUN Haves & Thirds God Willing Unicorn Hard-On Dick Neff Ant Parade Taffeta Catheter Then And Than S2K @ The Branch Ranch Pervert Pit – Tampa, FL

Right Lung tour: Tampa

Newton Turmoiled Functions Then and Than Haves & Thirds Limp Lungs @ Bum Mansion – Tampa, FL