Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2013 – 5th Year Anniversary

Tusco/Embassy Press & Stop Dreaming Records Present Friday August 16th 2013 I’d M Thfft Able Andy Ortmann The Soft Pink Truth Telecult Powers Outmode Quicksails Toe Ring Bang! Bros. Ironing Moltar Cold Pizza LVS Wether + DJ V.I.P. (Leslie Keffer) Saturday August 17th 2013 Leslie Keffer Bats From Pongo Leprechaun Catering Bromp Treb Laundry Room Squelchers Clang Quartet Headboggle Glacial23 Newton Trogpite Watchword Grasshopper Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Cane Swords…

North American Noise Camping Blooper Reel

Bromp Treb & Noise Nomads | Voice of the Valley Noise Rally in Pentress, West Virginia – August 2012 Also Featuring: Humanbeast, Rusty, Beemask, Lexi Mountain Boys, Space Juice, Carly Ptak, Drainolith, C Lavender, Jenny Graf Sheppard, Carlos Giffoni, Newton, Rat Bastard, Tusco Terror, Profilgate, Indignant Senility, Bluddedhead, Terminator 2, Ryan Jewell, DJ Dogdick, Telecult Powers, Unicorn Hard-On, Clang Quartet, Needlegunners, Skin Graft, Jason Lescalleet, & more.