Newton – Live Performance @ Aux

Philadelphia Sound Forum presents: John Wiese Newton Reed Evan Rosenberg @ Aux – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania This event is part of APRIL SHOWERS, a short series featuring 3 experimental sound events co-presented by Philadelphia Sound Forum and AUX Performance Space.

Freedom & Sound

Sudden Infant FUN Jesse Kudler & Ian Fraser Savage Relatives @ Vox Populi / Aux – Philadelphia, PA

Summer Video Zone® 2011

@ Vox Populi Lydia Grey and Jim Jeffers welcome audience involvement in their first joint work Remotely Functional. This live piece will be performed and re-performed throughout the evening, with Grey at Vox Populi and Jeffers 356 miles away, along the top of Nantucket Sound on Cape Cod. Boston-based conceptual artist Jessica Gath will present [W]Rapper, in which she accepts, wraps and returns objects to partygoers, accompanied by pulsing rap…