Various Artists “Now That’s What I Call Mabson 2013”

Now That's What I Call Mabson 2013
Various ArtistsNow That’s What I Call Mabson 2013
Mabson Enterprises

Compilation of top 40 songs from the year 2013 collected over social media. BOOM

Tracks by: Adam healton, Alexis Gideon, and chauncey tails, Beta Romeo, Big Whatever, Blown, Bubblegum Octopus, Caleb Stone, Carnage & Caruso Music Factory, chad roulette, Cristopher Danko, Cruise Remix, Damien Blaise, Dirty Preston presents Lil’ Mabson, DJ Alex Sciarra, dj mdmHEY, dj Skull Vomit, FrzE, Geoff Geis, GRYPT, Guggenheim, Gurl Crush, GUT REHAB, HOTT MT, jack topht, JacksWasted, Jacob Safari, James Nasty, Juniper Caire, Laco$te, little cake, LOL, Luna Is Honey, margot pauline padilla, Matthew Teardrop, Michael McClelland, Monogamy, Murphy TheLaw, Necedah, New Canada, Newton, NUT, Party Trash, Peter Moran, Poingly, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Rich Seymour, Schwarz, Simo Soo, Sir Brian David Watson, Sperm Snake, sqrl, Symphonie, Tabor Allen and Danny Miller, Ted Stevens (R-DJ), The Pete Repeat Experience, the Suicide Magnets, tik///tik, Treasure Mammal, V&J, Wether, whisperkid, Whqles, Windy

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Various Artists “Tusco/Embassy Christmas Compilation 2013″ Cassette

Various Artists “Tusco/Embassy Christmas Compilation 2013”
2x Cassette

In 2006 Tusco/Embassy released a split C40 from Emeralds and T/E house band Tusco Terror called “Christmas Tape 2006“. The following year they released “Christmas Tape 2007“, another Emeralds/Tusco Terror split, this time as a 2xC30. In 2008 the Christmas Tape was expanded into a 20-artist compilation with tracks from mostly Cleveland heads like Sam Goldberg, Skin Graft, Outer Space, Andrew Kirschner, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

The tradition continues this year with the release of “Christmas Tape 2013″, a double cassette with 25 tracks from jammers far and wide: Birds You Once Knew, Black Thread, Bone Rotten, Bonusbeast, Chemtrails, Collapsed Arc, CrAow, Fluxmonkey, Fslux, FUN, Ilza, Ironing, Long Distance Poison, Malocculision, Mark McGuire, Moth Cock, Onewayness, Outmode, Quicksails, Skin Graft, Skullkat, Sun Poisoning, Telecult Powers, Vibrating Garbage, Wether, Zack Kouns.

The tapes (both C77′s) are packaged in the classic T/E style, meaning heavy stock, die cut and folded up, and silk screened with so much ink that they feel rough as an 80 year old sailors fucked up skin. – Mike Haley / Tabs Out

“Christmas Tape 2013″ will be released on December 31st at 11:59 est, making it the final cassette to come out in 2013, or the first to come out in 2014 depending what time zone you reside in. It will be an edition of 150 copies. Here is a lil’ sampling of all the tracks.

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Various Artists “Cheap Fest IV”

Cheap Fest IV cover
Various Artists “Cheap Fest IV
Rat-Ward / Anti-Everything / RVA Noise

Compilation features artists performing at Cheap Fest IV, October 25-27, 2013 in Richmond, VA. All proceeds go towards funding Cheap Fest IV.

Tracks by: Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Broadcaststatic, Broken Colors, Champagne Of Rats, Custer Flux, Developer, Dizkord, Dromez, Dubb Normal, Extant., Fire Death, Flesh Control, Floodbeast, Gene Pick, Hatchers, Lightless, Machismo, Monolith Zero, Negative Gemini, Newton, Plank Ewing, Pleasure Island, Pregnant Spore, Pvre Matrix, Quna, Radio Shock, Retarded Genius, Reverse Baptism, Roomdance, Rosemary Arp, Savage Cross, Sofia Reta, Some Pepper, Stone Garden Jam Temple, Stress Orphan, Teenage Souls, Tendrills, Tinnitustimulus, Vales, Wether, Zach Kouns

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