Started in 1995 as way to document, the musical & artistic endeavors of:  Matthew Rademan, his friends & the immediate world around them.

As the company letterhead states, Breathmint’s Mat Rademan has been losing money releasing music no one likes since 1995. Initially dealing in stunted rock music, Breathmint has become a DIY, home-crafted noise empire built around Rademan’s Newton project and tons of diversely packaged cdr releases of all sorts of weird music. The Breathmint sound, as it were, isn’t simply a noise explosion; there’s a distinct vein of Rademan’s releases which document a more conceptual line of thinking, though projects like Cornelius Ape (who wears a g-string and hits himself with a bat) and the recording of the members of a star-studded noise tour sleeping may stretch the boundaries of entertainment further than some listeners would like. Most importantly, though, Rademan doesn’t seem to care, and with a dedication and enthusiasm that could be lessons to plenty of other, more established labels, Breathmint carries on.“  – Adam Strohm – (jun 18 2004)