Newton – Live Performance @ The Vat

Legendary freak masters of sonic chaos’ long awaited return to the City of Brotherly Love!

To Live And Shave In L.A.
Experimental collective (with aggressive noise, avant-garde, and post-punk leanings) formed by Tom Smith and Rat Bastard in 1991. A third member, Ben Wolcott, joined in 1993. Smith had previously been in the groups Boat Of, Pussy Galore, and Peach of Immortality. Bastard had been in Miami-based trio Scraping Teeth; Wolcott was a filmmaker and sound designer. Their debut release was 1994’s “30-Minuten Mannercreme.” Went on a three-year hiatus beginning in 2000, during which time Smith formed the “Actionist” ensemble Ohne, and Bastard focused on his Laundry Room Squelchers group. TLASILA reformed in 2003; recordings and tours have followed, and the line-up has grown to include all-star players including members of Sonic Youth and Sightings. Group’s recordings combine elements of musique concrete, noise, heavy dub, and pervasive electronics to create often violent, but increasingly lyrical backdrops which frame vocalist Smith’s literate, oddly disturbing croon.

Holly Hunt
Drummer Beatriz Monteavaro and guitarist Gavin Perry capture the meditative power of repetition; the ecstatic joy of tempered variation; infinitely undulating riffage; psychedelic drone paired with rock n’ roll rhythm in full splendor.
Though stripped down to the most bare essentials, Holly Hunt produces a sound and style far beyond rudimentary tags like “heavy,” “hard,” or “brutal.”

bizarro love child of Rodney Dangerfield, Martin Short & Woody Allen “plays experimental music”

(Philadelphia / New York)
electronics and drums duo of Michael Barker and Brian Osborne.

Hunnie Bunnies
electronics, tapes, paint -ewwww, cool.

@ The Vat – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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DJ Newtronix @ Fort Tender

DJ Newtronix @ Fort Tender 05.25.2014

Rat Bastard (Miami)
has been bursting eardrums and causing structural damage to low rent basement dives for decades.

Smut (Miami)
woman tearing up the ground, the sky and everything in-between. member of Testökra.

Hunnie Bunnies (Philly)

Unguent (Philly)
psychic salve for burned minds.

+ DJ Newtronix (burbs)
go outside inbetween acts

@ Fort Tender – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Newton – Live Performance @ The Vat


T Func (TAMPA)
freak of stage and screen.
almost better than Kevorkian

Plus Whatever (OAKLAND)
transmissions of gnarly A/V ritualistic sickness.
post-non-apocalyptic-pree-teen-day dream Bambis Maughm & Yongue Master

Hollow Deck (MASS)
all things beautiful stripped and sanded and refurbished and reassembled and now its more broken than before.
hello please

Newton (PHILLY)
crabby postal worker with a golden sweet tooth off from the graveyard shift ready to go to sleep.
what is the meaning of life

Ageless Male (KENZO)
hulk hogans chardonnay barreled sour beer dedicated to low T featuring members of embarker and truck stanley’s night dreams.
slurpee good

Unguent (Philly)
psychic salve for burned minds.

@ The Vat – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is a show not to be missed. t func and plus whatever are on their PURGE ONCE MORE tour and its flippin unreal. don’t add another regret to your life. also roading around is hollow deck from mass. so be sure to bring extra cash for their secrets from the stash. get weird, stay out of the courtyard.

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