DJ Newtronix @ Fort Tender

DJ Newtronix @ Fort Tender 05.25.2014

Rat Bastard (Miami)
has been bursting eardrums and causing structural damage to low rent basement dives for decades.

Smut (Miami)
woman tearing up the ground, the sky and everything in-between. member of Testökra.

Hunnie Bunnies (Philly)

Unguent (Philly)
psychic salve for burned minds.

+ DJ Newtronix (burbs)
go outside inbetween acts

@ Fort Tender – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Newton – Live Performance @ The Vat


T Func (TAMPA)
freak of stage and screen.
almost better than Kevorkian

Plus Whatever (OAKLAND)
transmissions of gnarly A/V ritualistic sickness.
post-non-apocalyptic-pree-teen-day dream Bambis Maughm & Yongue Master

Hollow Deck (MASS)
all things beautiful stripped and sanded and refurbished and reassembled and now its more broken than before.
hello please

Newton (PHILLY)
crabby postal worker with a golden sweet tooth off from the graveyard shift ready to go to sleep.
what is the meaning of life

Ageless Male (KENZO)
hulk hogans chardonnay barreled sour beer dedicated to low T featuring members of embarker and truck stanley’s night dreams.
slurpee good

Unguent (Philly)
psychic salve for burned minds.

@ The Vat – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is a show not to be missed. t func and plus whatever are on their PURGE ONCE MORE tour and its flippin unreal. don’t add another regret to your life. also roading around is hollow deck from mass. so be sure to bring extra cash for their secrets from the stash. get weird, stay out of the courtyard.

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Newton – Live Performance @ Savage Weekend IV

Hot Releases presents:

The Final Chapter? A New Beginning?

May 16, 2014 May 17, 2014
Attitude Problem (USA)
Archaeli (NC)
Sabrina (NC)
Faster Detail (NC)
Lazer Slut (TN)
Dromez (TX)
Sunk Heaven (RI)
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed (RI)
Hunnie Bunnies (PA)
Newton (PA)
Some Pepper (PA)
Aether Jag (TN)
Jeff Zagers (GA)
Jeremy Harris (NC)
Roomdance (SC)
Housefire (NC)
Flex1000 (MD)
Hatchers (PA)
Imitator (PA)
Plank Ewing (SC)
Lambskin (NC)
Andy Borsz (NY)
Pony Payroll Bones (PA)
Sects (RI)
Miguel Alvarino (NY)
Spongebath (NC)
Divine Movies (NC)
The Terry H. Garrish Jazz Ensemble (NC)
Daughters Goggles (NC)
Headcase (CA)
Viszk (NC)
Cornelius F Von Straffin III (NC)
Contortionist Jazz Exotica (VA)
Solid State Entity (MA)
Spiritual Recess (RI)
Tinnitustimulus (NY)
Yohimbe (NC)
T Func (FL)
Rick Weaver (TN)
Pure Matrix (NY)
Unicorn Hard-On (RI)
Dawn Raid (RI)
Valise (RI)
I_Like_Dog_Face w/ Swamp Hag (FL)
Haves & Thirds (FL)
Tooth Ache (VT)
V Manuscript (RI)
Appetite (NY)
Nick Klein (NY)
Ironing (FL)
Plus Whatever (CA)
Ryan Jewell (OH)
Larva Lu (MO)
Blue Shift (RI)
Radio Shock (NY)
Charmaines Names (PA)
Clang Quartet (NC)
Suicide Magnets (RI)
Radiator Greys (DC)
Lafemme Natale (NY)
Soft Target (RI)
Dave Public (RI)
Le Trash Can (CAN)
Profligate (NC)
Sagan Youth (NC)
Huff Daddy (MA)
Los Greys (MA)
Jeff Rehnlund (NC)
Piper Harrow (KS)
13 Fingers / Flippin Idiots (NC)
Fish Wife (FL)
Secret Boyfriend (NC)

@ Nightlight – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Newton – Live Performance @ Red Light District


Delanco Entertainment Group proudly presents:


(San Francisco, Ape Canaveral, FLAw) – 1994 – present/future

Deep in the Nasa-D Ape Canaveral FLAw System, we find a busted signal, transmission destination Errth – Rockaway Queens USA. Deciphering Butyl RNA, Classic Petri technologies applied to highspeed electronic cardboard with a NASA ‘d’ setting.

100% Important American USA Pioneers from Detroit or Mali.

Before Nautical Almondac, Wolf Guys, Pruderient, and your common household names, there was A-gene-rak and CimeVOX “D” zer0-tech Solid City State USA

First NYC appearance since 2006

You will not want to miss this rare Errth opportunity to encounter the true electronic cardboard mental wisdom of Ape Canaveral ignorance & future cargo cult outlines.

* ((o = car tire glyph


(Philadelphia) – 1995 – present

The mailman of gravity returns to NYC to make first ever priority delivery to Bay 25th Street. Looking to collect his pension and step on a few parcels, this guy is bound to rip your tax return open and spend it on years supply of soda pop.


(Delanco E.G. – NYC) – 1997 – 2014


A local hot shot producer in the film industry. You may know this guy as a passive aggressive failure. The time has come to wrap up foot in bandage and seek shelter until current trend fades away into ______?

In the meantime, Piece of Paper, a family friend of the guy, will make his debut in the near future, delivering hits such as ” 8 1/2 x 11″ and “Legal Size”


DJ Al Dente


DJ Do-Gooder Dude

spinning you through the evening

Take the A Train to the end of the line

Far Rockaway, Queens, NYC
Thursday, May 15 at 8:15pm


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