Various Artists “ST Pete Noise Fest 6”

ST Pete Noise Fest 6 Mixtape cover

Various ArtistsST Pete Noise Fest 6
Forever Escaping Boredom
Cassette (C120)

Featuring 27 artists performing at ST Pete Noise Fest 2013: Blessed Thistle, Human Fluid Rot, Newton, BLK/MAS, AODL, Sharlyn Evertsz, B-O-U-R-G-E, NOWS, Dromez, Hal McGee, Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge, Bacteria, Durastatic, Arvo Zylo, Nequam Sonitus, Zone Tripper, Glasgow Smile, Thirteen Hurts, Italics, Juice Machine, Ironing, Novasak, Dental Work, Sisto Rossi, Hell Garbage, Victimes De Regime, Triangle and Rhino

Nearly 2 hours of noise on a single pink translucent cassette! Comes with a download code.

Arranged & Mastered By – Todd Novasad

Edition of 55

All proceeds going directly to the ST Pete Noise Fest.

Get it here with a bunch of other fest swag:

Or here for just the tape:

ST Pete Noise Fest 6 mixtape photo

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Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2013 – 5th Year Anniversary

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2013 - 5th Year Anniversary

Tusco/Embassy Press & Stop Dreaming Records

Friday August 16th 2013

I’d M Thfft Able
Andy Ortmann
The Soft Pink Truth
Telecult Powers
Toe Ring
Bang! Bros.
Cold Pizza

+ DJ V.I.P. (Leslie Keffer)

Saturday August 17th 2013

Leslie Keffer
Bats From Pongo
Leprechaun Catering
Bromp Treb
Laundry Room Squelchers
Clang Quartet
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Cane Swords

+ DJ Outmode

Sunday August 18th 2013


Nautical Activity Tent

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Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. Shockrockumentary Miniseries Trailer

Scott Stapp / Bang! Bros. | East Coast / Midwest North America Tour February 2013

Also Featuring:
Ben Hersey / Anthro Rex, Big Mouth Billy Bass, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Embarker & Newton, Horaflora, Ironing, Jeff Rehnlund, Jiblit Dupree, Jill Burton, Lazy Magnet, Michael Collins, Rat Bastard, Secret Boyfriend, Solace Media Corporation, Sylvester Alone, Timeghost, Tracey Trance

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To Live and Shave in L.A. “The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply” 3xCD

To Live and Shave in L.A.The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply
3xCD + bonus downloads

The project began in March 2007, when Important Records asked me for a To Live and Shave in L.A. album. I assembled a 33-minute collage of “Noon and Eternity” outtakes and, with the swarthy assistance of Graham Moore, sent copies to fellow artists we admired. Along the way, Important became less so, their bottom line ruptured by too many ambient-industrial beer coasters. MonotypeRec stepped up after Jakub and I met in Warsaw in 2008. By 2010, we had a final tracklisting. The creation of the artwork and a host of other unavoidable delays shoved us to the back of the release queue. Now, five years and ten months later, copies of “The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply” are resting contentedly on our guestroom carpet. Good fucking things come to those who interminably wait… – Tom Smith

Assembly and mix by Tom Smith
Comprising remixes by:
16 Bitch Pileup, Aaron Dilloway, Achim Wollscheid, Alexandr Kibanov, Alexei Borisov, Andreas Brüning, Andy Ortmann, Anton Nikkila, Aprox., Astrid Hagenguth & Pit Noack, Audiomat, Blevin Blectum, C. Spencer Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Chrissy Murderbot, Core of the Coalman, Cornucopia, Dave Philips, Dino Felipe, Don Fleming, Don Hassler, Duran Duran Duran, Dylan Nyoukis, Elizabeth Peyton, Evil Moisture, Family Battle Snake, Graham Moore & Nutchild, Howard Stelzer, Hull Curve, Ironing, Isaac Linder, Jared Louche, Karmakumulator, Kasra Mowlavi, Kevin Drumm, Komora A, Krapoola & Noish, Kristin Calvarese, Larsen, Magas, Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, Micose & the Mau Maus, Mink Marie, Newton, Olga Nosova, Otto Von Schirach, Panagiotis A. Stathis, Patrick Spurlock, Philippe Petit, Raionbashi, Richard Devine, RM74, Rudolf’s R&G, RWL, Sickboy Milkplus, Staplerfahrer, Stefan Roigk, Sudden Infant, Terminal 11, The Teknoist, Thee Majesty, Toecutter, Torturing Nurse, Tree Creature, Truth Serum, Ulle Matzen, Weasel Walter, William Fowler Collins, Wolfram, Wouter Jaspers.

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